This program, which has been truly amazing for us, is not traditional in that it's not about a few tickets for a suite with high-end food, corporate executives, awkward conversations and little to no interaction. We've all done those and we all hate them.


Instead, we provide a day-long experience to our (potential) customers and their family. It's a family (Rob's) to family (theirs) event that makes everyone that has attended such fans of both Rob and Palo Alto Networks that I have never experienced anything like it in 30+ years of doing marketing.


René Bonvanie, Chief Marketing Officer, Palo Alto Networks


I was entirely blown away by the RKM Racing experience. I have been to the Indy race as a guest of other sponsors but never, never, have I had such an incredible, informative and personal look behind the scenes. Never has an Indy family made themselves so available and treated us like welcome guests rather than sponsor obligations. In my experience you are doing something unique and incredibly enjoying. From the moment we were greeted by Helen, to the conversations with your younger son George and the moments with Robert himself, RKM went above and beyond my expectations for an incredible day at the race track.


I learned so much about the Road to Indy, racing, cars, drivers and the commitment prospective drivers like Robert have for their sport. After your presentation, I was very excited to learn that it may be possible to have Robert himself meet my team in 2020 and describe his commitment to greatness. At FCT we have a goal to establish the workplace environment where our employees can be great. FCT is renowned for our quality service in an industry that is very price sensitive. The work regiment Robert undertakes with every race is an incredible example of what it takes to be prepared in his world. I see parallels in his approach to committed focus and his drive for excellence to those things that build all high performing organizations at any level or in any industry.


To the sponsors of the CyberSecurity car: CyberArk, Optiv, Palo Alto, and SailPoint (COPS for short), I say success breeds success. I know very little about being a top level race car driver, but I know to be great you need dedication and commitment. I believe you have backed winners in Robert and the Megennis family because they are totally committed to their mission and passion for racing. In the RKM Racing team I see a reflection of the passion and pursuit of greatness in your products. Good ideas executed by talented people with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. I hope to see Robert driving the Indy circuit in the COPS car in the near future.


Thank you for the opportunity to be energized by this experience. The day with Andretti and RKM Racing was THE best day at the races, ever. I hope we can host Robert at FCT in 2020 and have his message inspire my team to think and prepare for greatness in their field.


Twane Boettinger, Director Information Security, FCT


Last Wednesday, Robert Megennis came to RNDC’s Atlanta Headquarters and gave a presentation to our Information Technology group, including my Cybersecurity team. Robert did a terrific job presenting his story and how data analytics help drivers improve…..”if you can measure it, you can improve it” was the key takeaway.  

The 60+ people in attendance really enjoyed the presentation and asked a lot of intelligent questions (mostly about the data since our IT team loves data analytics!). Many of the attendees also spent time with Robert after the presentation talking about driving and also praising him for such a professional presentation from someone who’s 18 years old. I had a large number of people also thank me and Dennis for hosting a fun and interesting event.

Our security team also spent time with Dennis after the event talking about the RNDC merger with Breakthru Beverage and how we can securely take over management of their networks and systems. Dennis was pleased to hear that we’ll be replacing 40 + Fortinet and Cisco boxes with Palo Alto Networks firewalls.

I also attended the races at Barber Motorsports Park this weekend where I got to meet and talk to John Kindervag about security and a plethora of other topics. I also really enjoyed the behind the scenes access to the racing and the hospitality of Gary and Robert Megennis and the Juncos Racing team! I routinely turn down invites to vendor sponsored baseball games, golf, dining and others, but the racing is a welcome change from those other routine events!

Outside of the racing, one of the best parts of this event is the peer interaction. It’s a great way to meet fellow security professionals and share war stories, best practices and current challenges. These relationships are always key to continued learning as well as support when security incidents occur. It’s also really interesting to see how other organizations leverage Palo Alto Networks products to secure their environments…..gives me something to quiz my engineers about so that I can make sure we’re getting the levels of protection we need.

I really look forward to future events as well as expanding our relationship as our business doubles in size through the merger!


John Dickson, CISO, Republic National Distributing Company



Leading up to race week, I had heard great things from other races and I tried my best to explain to my customers what to expect – my time spent replying over your invite to add color to the invite paid off in bringing out key decision-makers from my largest prospects/customers. Every single one of them commented to me that even while your invite and mine explained what to expect, the actual day was beyond what they could have ever imagined.

My customers and prospects became friends over this weekend. I want to highlight one great example – One of my big customers attended, who, while they buy about 75% of their security through me, has held onto a big distrust of sales and prefers to treat Optiv as a quoting shop and reject relationship building. The VP of Infra/Security brought the IT Procurement lead as well. Procurement at this company has low interest in partnership and is similar to many companies – standoffish, game playing and uninterested in talking to/partnering with account management. When these two people left at the end of the day Friday, they pulled my handshake into a hug, thanked me for including them in this experience and showing them such a fun day. They both also gave me their cell phone numbers so I could send them all the pictures I took of them throughout the day. This is only ONE example.

I left my two days at the race on a completely different level with each of my guests. I know that this event will be talked about among the (CIO/CISO) circles and will help us continue to educate this market on who we are, what we do and why we are better.  

Kendall Suhr, Client Manager, Optiv

It was a real joy to get to attend this race with Robert and RKM Racing. These sorts of events help to create a stronger sense of community between CISOs and vendors and I'm sure that will yield dividends for both in the future. Thanks for sponsoring this team!

Mike Convertino, CISO, Twitter




I've been in SVP/C-level jobs since 2004, but nothing prepared me for the overwhelming amount of unsolicited email and voice traffic I get from technology vendors I get as a CIO. On a daily basis, I receive over 200 unsolicited emails; these are the emails that get through our filters. I'm even getting them now on my personal email accounts. I also get another 6-10 voice messages/day. Additionally, a subset of these unsolicited emails are invitations to attend lunches/dinners as 'educational' and 'peer learning' events, which is really just another twist on trying to get me in front of a sales representative. After attending 2 or 3 of these events, I've declined all of the rest as they are just not a good use of my time. I almost declined the Mid Ohio event for the same reasons, but it was intriguing enough that I decided to give it a shot. The event you hosted at Mid Ohio was very special in that I learned a lot! In addition, a few of the attendees and I did discuss work and our particular solution sets, and as result, would have actually been open to a dialogue on potential solutions at that point.

Greg Tacchetti, CIO, State Auto Insurance




Thank you all for the wonderful experience I enjoyed at the IndyCar racing at Laguna Seca. Helen and Gary were, once again, the ultimate hosts; Robert and George were amazing as always; and the experience itself – along with the access, the VIP treatment, and the superb hospitality made for a truly unforgettable weekend. Andretti Autosport is always humblingly generous to all.


I am aware that none of this happens without the generous sponsorship of companies like Sailpoint, Optiv, CyberArk, and Palo Alto Networks. I thank you all for supporting this incredibly talented driver and giving we customers the opportunity to – however briefly – join their stories.


I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved. Thank you all so much for the chances I’ve had this year to join in Robert’s successes. I can’t wait for next season!

Kevin Kealy, CISO, Scientific Games



On behalf of several execs at Bloomin’ Brands I want to share our appreciation for the hospitality provided by Gary and Robert Megennis. Rob visited Bloomin’ Brands last week and gave a fascinating talk to about 80 associates about the life of a driver and how important the data and technology is in improving his performance. He again shared this education at the track and it is clear that Palo Alto Networks is providing support for a terrific driver and team.


This is one of the most effective and synergistic sponsorship efforts I have come across in all my years in tech. The tie in to the thoughtful use of data and feedback to the driver was fascinating and in a world of emerging IOT would be very relevant to techies and non techies alike. Palo Alto Networks fits the mold beautifully as a team sponsor in a high tech sport like this and I imagine that it provides lots of opportunities throughout the season to bring clients and friends to experience racing from a whole new perspective thanks to Rob and Gary and the way they open up and explain the inner workings of the sport.

Donagh Herlihy, EVP & CIO, Bloomin’ Brands




Thanks for the racing event. That was a blast. I enjoyed hanging out and I particularly appreciated the behind the scenes insights and access Gary and family provided. I’ve always wondered how the tuning and race prep worked, and was fascinated by the material and discussions we got from Gary and Robert. Plus, the connection with Robert and having a particular driver to cheer for made the whole experience very cool. The whole event from the moment I showed up to the end of the race was really a terrific experience. Thanks again!

Paul Wiliams, Deputy CISO, Rackspace




I wanted to extend a thank you for SailPoint’s sponsorship of RKM Racing and a recent event they hosted at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. Both Gary and Robert Megennis were fantastic in leading us through the glory of racing, and provided a fun atmosphere to chat with the local SailPoint representative. I really appreciated the low-key conversations that allowed us to enjoy the day while learning more about your company at my own pace. Thank you.

John Scrimsher, CISO, General Motors




I’ll be honest, I came to the event because I knew my son would love it, but I had little exposure and was doing it for him. I left a fan. The entire experience was one that I appreciated…from the behind the scenes tour of the paddock, talking to various experts, the pits, watching the races (and at the perfect spots I might add), and getting insight into the discipline behind the training and progression of the drivers. Being in the tech industry, your presentation on the data and science behind the racing definitely caught my attention as well. You can be sure I’ve already reached out to Optiv and applauded them for their part in the sponsorship. They need to keep this going…


As I said to Helen, I’m not sure how you do it. So many races…parent, race crew, world class hosts. You must go home after the weekends exhausted. But the bonus is that with the family completely committed you can’t help but be drawn closer together. Back when my kids were a bit younger, my wife and I travelled all over for their hockey teams. When the season seemed to be dragging on, the travel was long, and I was getting tired, my Dad would always offer this insight … “soak it up, savor the moment, have some fun, don’t take it all too seriously, and realize that one day you’ll look back and actually miss all this." As is typical, Dad was right. They’re done with travel sports and I do miss it. Best years as a parent so far. Hot Tim Hortons coffee at the rink (after all we are Canadian eh?), three of us standing side by side at the boards and cheering on the one on the ice. They were the best family moments.

Blake Merritt, VP, Meridian Credit Union




Thanks to the Palo Alto Networks team for the fantastic experience at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Indy Lights driver Robert Megennis and Gary Megennis from RKM Racing were sensational hosts on race day and made it a truly memorable experience. I felt like I was part of the team as they led guided tours of the paddock & pits, provided commentary on races, and joined us for breaks and lunch at Andretti Autosport. Both Robert and Gary were very personable and engaging during the entire event; thanks to them again for their outstanding hospitality.


Robert's presentation about his career progression on the Road to Indy was excellent. The details he included about Training (practice, refining skills), Race Craft (strategy, planning), and Telemetry (data for better insights and visibility) were both educational and relevant to many aspects of Cybersecurity and IT. You don't have to be a fan of motorsport to glean key points from his presentation; whether that's achieving goals through hard work, focus, and determination, or reinforcing the importance of fundamentals such as practice, strategy, and utilizing data to improve.

Craig Burness, VP, Logix Federal Credit Union




I can’t say enough good things about Gary and the experience. It completely exceeded my expectations. Usually with an event like this I would expect to have garage passes and make a quick stop by the tent for snacks. I figured the rest of the time would just be walking around the paddock checking stuff out on my own. And truthfully I would have been content with that (I try to be low maintenance). Gary, however, had event after event laid out for us. We got to talk to drivers, mechanics, team managers, and anyone else he ran across. We got to sit in the car and take pictures. We went all up and down pit lane. It was great!


The thing that impressed me the most though was that this was a father of a driver doing all of this. He’s there supporting his kid on the career path to Indy and still giving us 100% of his attention. That would be like one of us trying to entertain clients while our kid was out on the ball field or the court. I have nothing but respect for him for the work he put in this weekend. Palo Alto Networks has a top tier person representing them at the track.


Our group was with Gary on Friday, but I ended up back at the track on Saturday with my middle daughter. We stopped by the trailer just to say hi (and to grab some ear plugs as I forgot mine). Gary invited us to join in with the group he had on Saturday and even got us into the paddock club so we could have a better view of the action. It was a great day for me and my daughter! Thanks again!

Eddie Saunier, CIO, Burr & Forman




I wanted to thank Optiv and all concerned for a really great day. Gary was the consummate host, and was so generous with his and Robert’s time. I learned a great deal, and it was such a privilege to be able to enjoy such access to the paddock, the pit lane and the Andretti team. Mario was as gracious as he always is, the facilities and refreshments were excellent and the whole experience was just phenomenal. I got significant value and enjoyment from the day, and it was an excellent use of my time. Once again, my sincere thanks to Optiv for the sponsorship and the invitation, to Gary and Robert for being such engaging and gracious hosts, and to the Andretti team for putting up with us with such good humor.

Kevin Kealy, CISO, Scientific Games



Thank you for allowing us to attend this event over the weekend. This was by far and away the best corporate event I’ve attended in a long while. Gary & Helen’s approach to hosting this event is very refreshing. The fact that Robert is their son and hearing them explain the journey to get to Indy Lights was very informative and engaging for me. As a customer I left this event feeling that the partnership between Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing was genuine and aligned which is refreshing as a customer.

Rick Rinewalt, VP Cloud Operations, Upland Software




Just wanted to send a note of thanks. I have taken advantage of a number of events from our partners in the past, but this specific event provided by Palo Alto Networks with RKM Racing was absolutely amazing.  


I took my kids to the race not knowing what it would be like and the event was probably one of the highlights of our summer. The attention we received, the presentations, and the time Gary and Robert spent with all the Palo Alto Networks customers were outstanding. RKM Racing truly takes pride in their business and the partners they have chosen as sponsors. You can tell the passion RKM Racing has for the business is also transferred to the event they put on for Palo Alto Networks customers. To spend time understanding the business of racing and the technology that is used truly gave all of us a different perspective.

Ted Hughes, Chief Information Technology Officer, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company




I wanted to personally thank each of you for hosting a wonderful event this weekend! The Palo Alto Networks workshops are always informative and much appreciated. I look forward to meeting other end users and learning about new Palo Alto Networks solutions in the future. Also, Gary and team went above and beyond to make us all feel welcomed and included. My son and I had a fantastic day thanks to Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing!  Great job guys!

Robin Mayfield, VP, Network Operations, Cadence Bank




I am the CISO for Cott Holdings and am reaching out to provide some feedback regarding my VIP experience at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. I have been a PAN client a few times over (with hopes to be again soon) and have previously sold the product with one of your largest North American resellers, Optiv. I am very familiar with the PAN platform and culture, but was overwhelmed by the professionalism and brand support of RKM Racing during the event. Being both a PAN and racing fan, this partnership made the experience for me. My time spent at the event provided opportunity to introduce the platform to other clients and customers that were not familiar. Personally, the event allowed me to network with my peers and share their experiences reinforcing future platform acquisition in my own enterprise. This would not have been possible without the hospitality extended by the RKM Racing team. The car branding was brilliant and stood out among the rest along with its driver. Robert Megennis and team are the epitome of the Palo brand on and off the track. Their attitude, devotion and perseverance are everything that I would expect representing Palo Alto Networks. These unique partnerships propel PAN beyond your competitors. I hope this feedback resonates and you continue to adopt this winning formula by supporting RKM Racing as they continue in their success.

Ernie Terzino, CISO, Cott Holdings

I was privileged to join a number of my colleagues (both SailPoint and our partners at Palo Alto Networks, Optiv, and CyberArk), along with many customers and prospects at the Indy Lights race in Austin. Gary, Helen and their team did a fantastic job with all the advance information and created a very memorable day for all in attendance. We got to have extended time and conversations with many of the folks there, and universally, they said it was a major highlight (if not a “bucket list” item) for many of them. I highly encourage others to attend with their customers/prospects. You will not regret it!

Mark McClain, CEO, SailPoint


Cheering on Robert Megennis, the youngest Indy Lights car racer from the Andretti Team. Visiting the racing car trailer behind the pit lane. Taking a selfie with Mario Andretti. Going everywhere from grandstand to pit lane to behind the scenes with Gary and Helen Megennis, Robert’s parents. Meeting the only woman mechanic from Indy Lights. Getting splashed with non-alcoholic champagne by Robert as he celebrated his win. This is the memorable day I just spend with an extraordinary young man and his family.


IndyCar racing was not on my bucket list, but it should have been. Or I should say, experiencing it with Robert, Gary and Helen should have been on my bucket list. It was memorable. It was awesome. If you are not an IndyCar fan, this experience will may well turn you into one. Thank you Gary and Helen for all the work you put towards this program and your warmth towards your guests. See you at the next race!!


Juliette Rizkallah, Chief Marketing Officer, SailPoint



We are big believers in rising talent and Robert is the epitome of that. I am very glad that you enjoyed the experience and hope to see you in person at Ignite in May to say hello.

René Bonvanie (email to CISO, potential customer), Palo Alto Networks


First and foremost, the feedback from the clients was fantastic. They are excited we can offer them a chance to experience racing this way and very much appreciated the event.

Second, from my personal perspective, the way Helen and Gary manage the onsite effort is amazing. From the moment I arrived I felt very much a part of the racing team! Helen made sure to make introductions to everyone then specifically asked who I knew and who I needed to meet. She gives great behind-the-scenes insight and it sets the foundation for a fun day.

Gary then takes over as we get closer to the race and starts the track tour. Again, the amount of communication about Rob, the race, the track, the team and the competition is incredible. It is such a great buildup to the race! Then during the race he shares a lot of info about what’s going on and we end with a great presentation of the use of data to prepare for each race. Very cool. Having access to the Andretti Racing facilities where we ate lunch, which was delicious, is also a nice touch.

Final note, Rob was also very much part of the pre-race fun and discussions. He spent time with clients and interacted a lot until he had to prep for the race. Tying our brand to a young man who acts the way he does is a good thing for sure!

I am glad we made this decision to sponsor the team. I spoke with a few of my peers and suggested they do everything they can to drive attendance and if they can attend they should grab a ticket!

Bob Baricak, Regional Director, Optiv


This was absolutely a one-of-a-kind experience. I’ve never seen anything like it and can’t tell you how much fun I had with our prospects during the event. Not only that, I was able to book a meeting with a CISO we’ve been targeting for a long time. The fact that I was able to invite him to this event provided exactly the kind of occasion I needed to get some personal time with him and initiate our relationship. As a result I have a meeting in three weeks with this executive, and his team, to discuss his business and SailPoint’s identity governance capabilities.  We were also able to talk shop quite a bit while we watched the races together. I can’t thank you enough for providing great entertainment during the event and a unique learning experience for our team and our prospects. 


Gib Patt, Sales Executive, SailPoint


A hearty thanks to you and Helen (and George!) and the extended RKM / Andretti Autosport team for the incredible hospitality you showed us at the Portland race event last Friday! Candidly, I didn’t come to the event as a diehard IndyCar fan – I’m an auto racing novice, at best – so I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard countless positive anecdotes from the previous Optiv-RKM race events that took place over the past few months, but it wasn’t until I experienced the event firsthand that I understood what all the buzz was about. It was so much fun to see Robert flying around the track in the Optiv car! 


This event is something you simply have to experience live to appreciate.  The sights, the sounds, the energy in the air… all of one’s senses are nonstop fully engaged at this event. I’m so glad I made the extra effort to travel to Portland to participate, and I will wholeheartedly encourage my sales teams to get their executive clients to attend. No one will go home from that event disappointed, I guarantee it!   


Todd White, SVP Sales, Optiv


Just a really special day and the hospitality was amazing. The education on racing. I had no idea. I have become a fan!! Robert, great meeting you last night. You are a humble gentleman. George, you are on your way to the Freedom 100. Gary, thanks for including Palo Alto Networks and being our host all day. And of course, Helen! The wizard behind the scenes. Thanks for making the day an amazing experience. 


Dennis Thomasson, Vice President of Sales, Palo Alto Networks


I’ve attended more than 15 professional races at COTA and have raced there myself 5 times as well.  Of all the pro race days I’ve attended, none have been as exciting, personal, and informational as the day we spent with your team this past weekend.  The behind-the-scenes access to the team, technology, and overall excitement of the racing environment provided a uniquely dynamic setting for us to spend quality time with SailPoint’s customers, partners, and their families.  I know every person there had a day they will always remember and many remarked that it was a “bucket list” experience for them.  RKM and Andretti Motorsport were first-class hosts all the way and I can’t say enough how fun and engaging the day was for us.  Thank you!

Kevin Hansel, CIO, SailPoint


Thank you for being such a great host. The same applies to Helen and Robert who made our Wednesday afternoon session a huge success.  We had a good group of customers join us for a presentation on race technology and it’s application. Robert impressed with his comfortable speaking style and the technical aspects of the racing, which few had been exposed to.  We used the time to provide a brief product update and followed this with a series of races on the go kart track. The relaxed but informative nature of the talking part, followed by the intense and competitive racing part made for a great afternoon. Some bruised egos later (Robert easily lapped most people each race), we had one more huddle to share experiences. It was notable in this session that Robert reinforced our partnership/ sponsorship several times.

On Friday, we hosted a group of SEs from our top channel partners. They were all blown away with the technical aspects of the racing, the detail supplied on race dynamics etc. and access we had in the pits and stands. Gary, Helen, Robert and George all engaged with the attendees and answered all manner of questions. Small things like sharing race radios with the attendees went a long way to making the day extra special.

All of you are so open and engaging. It makes our customers and partners feel relaxed and part of the “inside team”. That insider experience is massive value and keeps them talking about the experience long after the event has passed! This experience is the highlight of our Toronto summer activities and most of my guests have already asked to be included again next year.

Garry Coldwells, SE Manager, Named/Commercial, Palo Alto Networks


In all honestly, this was the best sports-based event I’ve been to.  I’ve done golf, fishing (which I love), every arena based event including 2 Super Bowls.  Because you’re basically walking around all day and stopping at various ‘stations’ it gives a much better, extremely low-pressure feel for the clients.   You’re not ‘stuck in a box’, or a seat, or a boat or a golf cart. And it’s very, very unique – everyone has experienced the Big 4 of sports in the US, but very few get to experience a Pit Row or hang out in the paddock in a billion-dollar sport like Indy/F1. 

Sales-wise, I had two great intros with a CISO for a large client in Atlanta and a CIO for a large client in Florida.  One attended last year as a guest of Palo and obviously likes it enough to fly down again with his family.  He was happy to see Optiv jump on the sponsorship. The other client and I had great discussions around his cyber needs this year. I would credit all the success for this to Helen and Gary Megennis. Can’t say enough about how great they are. They provided a really seamless, informative and fun experience for our clientele. Gary was our host/guide all day and even made sure the lunch seating arrangements were ordered so we sat with the bigger/ranking clients.

Joe Schorr, Global Executive Services Director, Optiv


It certainly was a fantastic weekend! The Megennis family are the ultimate hosts! Every customer that attended was blown away by the experience. Now over to us to close some business as a result of this amazing and unique weekend.


Cheryl McGrath, Country Manager, Optiv


Thanks, team! It was an incredible experience to witness first hand. Looking forward to the next race!

Rich Wenning, Vice President, North American Sales, CyberArk


Gary, Helen and Rob were so accommodating and the feedback from the attendees was outstanding. I sent an email to René this morning highlighting the feedback from the attendees so far and how great the 3 of you took care of my disorganized crowd! What a great event! René and team hold hundreds of events, none of which compare to this.

Brian Cook, Major Account Manager, Palo Alto Networks


These races truly are unique experiences and something that can serve as a real competitive advantage for SailPoint in our efforts to build and strengthen our relationships with prospective and existing customers.

I’ve been to Top Golf, football games, baseball games and just about anything else you can think of when it comes to customer outings and I’ve never experienced anything like the recent race in St. Pete.  

From the crew members to the drivers, the RKM staff and the under the hood experience they give us with the cars and technology, these events serve as a one of a kind experience that will leave a lasting impression on our customers that create a unique spot for SailPoint in their minds moving forward.

Randy Ferree, Sales Executive, SailPoint


What an experience!  My customer said this experience checked off one of his bucket list items. The personal care that was provided by Gary and Robert, our driver, was first class. Seeing the behind the scenes work that goes into getting a car ready for a road race was amazing and truly gave everyone in my group a new appreciation for the sport. Lastly, the pre-race walk down the track as the teams lined up for the race and meeting the team members from the Andretti teams as well as other teams who have worked with Robert through his rise to Indy Lights was one of the highlights of the day for sure. On behalf of myself and my customer we wanted to thank you and Andretti Autosport for a fantastic weekend and we are already looking forward to the event next year!

Thom Ryan, Client Director, Optiv


Thank you so much for a truly amazing day for me and my key Q2 prospect. They had an amazing time and we got to know one another even better by sharing this one-of-a-kind experience. Everything was so well orchestrated and professional not to mention what a pleasure it was spending time with you and your family on a victorious race day! These are the types of experiences that accelerate deals and forge relationships.


Brian Polick, Account Executive, SailPoint


Thank you so much for making our event a huge success today. I think we’ll do a similar event next year with much more customer participation given the feedback I got from the team. As I mentioned, Rob has such a fantastic way with customers and people in general. He is an amazing ambassador and your wife Helen is also perfect. You have an amazing family! Thank you so much. We can’t wait for next year.

Colin McGandy, Canada East District Sales Leader, Palo Alto Networks


The whole set up from arrival to departure was run with precision. I know for both our prospects and customers the process of understanding not only the team elements but also the data required to execute a successful race was relatable to their daily efforts. You combine that linkage with the opportunity to embed ourselves with the RKM Racing/Andretti organization - this is true team experience.

Troy Donley, VP North American Sales, SailPoint


The day at the track was an unbelievably unique and fun experience. You get a behind-the-scenes look at not only the race day operations, but you get a true sense of the work that goes into everything leading up to the actual race.

Gary and Helen were amazing hosts, answering questions, showing everyone around, and generally being engaged with all the attendees throughout the day. During the weekend, when Robert finished second and third, Gary was able to bring a lucky few with him onto the podium, a once in a lifetime experience for the guests.

A great and unique event, which gave us unparalleled access to CISOs and VPs in a relaxed and fun environment. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Alex Damore, Account Executive, CyberArk


Thanks so much for an awesome day! From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway tour to standing in the pits watching Robert win the quals and the race (standing for podium photos with him was fantastic) and even the brush with fame in meeting Mario Andretti, your hospitality was amazing. Really cool being so close the racers, the cars, the crew, and the action on the track. What a great way to spend a day with CyberArk partners and customers.

Scott Whitehouse, VP Channels and Alliances, CyberArk


This is my 20th year in this role in Indianapolis. This was the best marketing/customer event we have ever done. The feedback that I received from my customers blew me away (they all said it was the coolest experience yet). The combination of the racing, the technology, the Andretti facility, feeling a part of the Megennis family and of course Robert's first Indy Lights win made it truly special. I can't thank you enough for the experience.   

Brad Smith, Client Director, Optiv


You made this one of the best events I have ever been a part of. Thank you both for everything.

Jason Evans, Director, Optiv


You provided a world-class tour to our partners and guests. The entirety of the experience from ease of registration to the “day of” reminders to our day at Laguna Seca was absolutely unforgettable. RKM Racing has put together a once-in-a-lifetime (although I lucked out getting to attend practice days in Portland and Monterey) event series that is a unique draw for VIP guests in some of our most challenging markets. The RKM Racing tour is *the* way to experience Indy Lights for guests with any level of exposure to racing.


Sabrina Rutkin, Field Marketing Manager, CyberArk



I have attended many premier events around the world and the one day experience with you this past weekend definitely ranks in my Top 5. Your infectious passion, valued racing detail guidance and white glove, familial treatment the entire day was sincerely felt and appreciated by every one of the guests. Prompting your guests to witness all of the racing activities in the pit, garage and walking the staging area where the cars were setting up for the start of the race was incredible and without equal. The location of the suite where we witnessed cars traveling in excess of 150 mph past us and then throttling down to under 80 mph to navigate the hairpin Turn 1 curve was well done and crazy cool. The energy and excitement was intense while having Robert joining us after his successful race was icing on the cake. The platinum representation by you, Helen, Robert and George made me proud that Optiv was one of your key sponsors and the very visible branding on the car was not lost on our executives’ guests.  A sponsorship that, given the opportunity, is one which we should continue to take full advantage of participating in the future.


Peter Namauleg, Regional Director, Optiv



Impressions of the Grand Prix of Monterey IndyCar racing event this past weekend:


The event was very professionally hosted by Gary Megennis and his family (wife Helen, 19-yr old son-driver Robert, 14-yr old son George). All the logistics were well thought out and communicated to all attendees. Furthermore, the agenda for each day was meticulously detailed so that the attendees could be engaged in every aspect of the experience – from watching the racing from multiple vantage points (from high on top of the corkscrew hill where you have a panoramic view of about 60% of the track -- in the pit areas where we saw cars, crews, and drivers up close -- in a VIP viewing area with a perfect angle to watch the start and finish of the races), to being in the massive and highly technical Andretti trailer area where the race cars are prepped and tweaked – including allowing the attendees to get in the cockpit of the Sailpoint “Indy Lights” race car, to touring the grounds in order to see the various classes of cars racing that weekend, to being briefed in a conference room by the driver himself (19 year old Robert Megennis – son of Gary) on all the preparation (physical, mental, analytical, mechanical) that goes into being a professional IndyCar driver.


The buffet lunch in the Andretti VIP Suite was excellent along with a broad selection of beverages.


By the end of the day (which comes quickly due to the packed agenda), the customers (as I) were thoroughly impressed and appreciative of the overall experience – not only experiencing IndyCar racing in such an all-consuming way, but also having the chance to get to know the personal experience of the Megennis family (father, mother, driver-son, and soon-to-be driver-little brother) and this intense journey of becoming and being a professional IndyCar racing family – definitely a 100% family affair.


Pepe Hinojosa, Sales Executive, SailPoint

Thank you for the wonderful time we had on Friday. It was really revealing to get the behind the screens view of how racing works, and it’s great to see how your family is involved and so hospitable to ensure that we all had a great time. I would recommend this to anyone to see what goes on behind racing. Thanks again for taking care of us.

David Hahn, Silicon Valley Bank (Grand Prix of Monterey 2019)

Thank you for hosting Mekia and me this weekend at Laguna Seca. We really enjoyed the day. I’ve been to a number of racing events including F1, NASCAR, and other Indy races, but this was one of the best experiences I’ve had. FYI – The Bank is a customer of all your sponsors – Optiv, SailPoint, CyberArk, and Palo Alto Networks!

Kwame Fields, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco (Grand Prix of Monterey 2019)


Thank you so much for sharing this very unique experience with us. Our eyes were definitely opened into the intricacies of being a racer and all the behind the scenes action required to making the race happen. It’s unfortunate that my other colleagues couldn’t make it. I’m sure they would have enjoyed it. It was a very memorable day for me and my son Benjamin.

Eddie Ng, Sephora (Grand Prix of Monterey 2019)

I had an excellent experience at the IndyCar race. Gary and his wife Helen were amazing hosts. I learned so much about IndyCar racing thanks to Gary and his wife and son, not to mention the fun of watching Gary cheer on his son with complete abandon during his race!

Steve Zalewski, Levi Strauss & Co (Grand Prix of Monterey 2019)

Thank you so much for a great day at the track!  It was truly and amazing experience. As someone that is in IT and is a fan of racing, I think that providing this kind of opportunity is a great way to introduce people in tech to a sport where tech is so important. From data processing to design, racing is the perfect mix of technology and sport. It’s also is great way for people that are interested in racing to get exposure to how much technology plays a role in putting together a competitive race. 

Cody Matthews, Sephora (Grand Prix of Monterey 2019)


Thank you very much for your time and hospitality last Friday.  I’m amazed at your commitment and dedication to Robert’s racing career. Racing is an exciting story and it translates well to technology.  At the end of the day, speed matters most.  However, mental toughness, determination, focus, communication, and team work all need to come together in order to be the fastest.  There’s a finish line for the race, but there isn’t one for life’s journey.

Jeff Willard, Nike (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


It was a real experience to learn everything behind the scenes from you, Helen and your sons. As mentioned I would like the opportunity to have you and Robert speaking to my team as well whenever it fits your schedule. We had a great time and I am sure Robert will continue his way up.

Lutz Beck, Daimler Trucks of NA (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


Thank you for the amazing event, I don’t think we had an experience like that ever! Your charisma and passion made it a memorable experience.

Lan Truong, Umpqua Bank (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


Thank you for the opportunity to see IndyCar from your perspective.  The race analytics presentation was great!  It is clear how much time and effort it took to put this together.  It was a pleasure meeting you and your family.

Robert Gamboa, Moss Adams LLP (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


Thanks for the tour of the race and the fantastic hospitality.  I don't have anything but positive feedback from the event. Very smoothly run, and a great peek behind the curtains that made us feel very welcome. Getting to ride in the pace car was a once in a lifetime experience!

Jeff Bryner, Vacasa (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)

Thank you, it was a super fun day and I learned a lot!

Jenny Garner, Kimpton (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)

What a great event and, more importantly, what a great host you are. I truly walked away with a deeper appreciation for what it takes to win - preparation, agility and drive - be it car racing or IT work.  Will be glad to invite you to present the exact same material to my team so they can learn from that as well.

T.R. Srikanth, Banfield Pet Hospital (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


Thank you for having us out at the track and putting on such a fun event! I’ve always been intrigued about how the drivers reach the upper levels of racing, so Robert’s path and day in the life were particularly interesting. The behind the scenes access was great. I appreciate everyone putting up with our crowd roaming through their workplace.

Graham Munn, Adidas (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


Thanks for the visit to the track. It was a great.  I admit I never really gave it much thought (I’m not really a racing follower) and so had the foolish mindset that a driver can just get in and drive in order to be successful.  I see now that I was very wrong and the skill and dedication that a driver must have is quite special.

Everyone from your team was great… from both of your sons, to your wife, and finally you.  You were all very welcoming and treated us like friends.  Again, I loved the knowledge that you shared about the side of racing most don’t think about.  I also appreciate Robert taking the time to spend a moment with the boys signing their shirts / card, even though he was busy.  I understand what it is to be busy, but Robert didn’t have any attitude at all about it, but seemed to have joy to spend the time.  Those shirts and card that he signed are now treasures to them, and a memory of an excellent adventure.

Bill Weide, Umpqua Bank (Grand Prix of Portland 2019)


Absolutely amazing experience! Gary was first class all the way!

Mark Jordan, CIO, Bunzl North America (Bommarito 500 2019)

Thank you again for such an incredible experience Saturday! From the logistics coordination, with email and text instructions, to the seating and dining arrangements, to the personal tours, everything was absolutely perfect.  You openly shared knowledge and insights that made the experience so personal. The passion from you and Rob was obvious.  Your focus on data collection and analysis, simulation training, and continuous improvement is something we strive to achieve in IT security every day.  To that end, you’ve certainly picked some great sponsors in SailPoint, CyberArk, Optiv, and Palo Alto Networks, to partner with you.

Greg Evans, Bunzl North America (Bommarito 500 2019)

This was the best customer experience that I have ever been involved with, and you could not have been a more informational and e ntertaining host. Thank you!

Mike Kissel, Schnucks (Bommarito 500 2019)

Thank you again for the incredible experience this weekend.  We had a great time and definitely enjoyed the VIP treatment that was provided by Gary and Robert Megennis and the Andretti team. I know (my son) Adam will always remember the experience of sitting in the car!  Optiv definitely picked a great team to sponsor and support and I hope they continue to do so for a long time.

Marc Ashworth, First Bank (Bommarito 500 2019)

Thank you for having us last night!  You were a great host and made the event so interesting.  We really enjoyed walking through the telemetry and analytics.  The entire day was structured well and was a lot of fun. I hope the COPS team stays with Robert moving forward.

Matt Randolph, BJC HealthCare (Bommarito 500 2019)

We had such a great time. You were very engaging and such a great host. Yesterday was perfect.  I’ve already told Optiv that the event exceeded our expectations and it’s a perfect partnership.

Rob Floretta, Ameren Services (Bommarito 500 2019)

I had a great time. Thank you very much for hosting us. I have always been a motorsports fan of all types, so getting the "inside track" on an IndyCar operation was a real treat.

Alfred Schwartz, Ameren Services (Bommarito 500 2019)

We had a great time. Thank you for coordinating everything. Good luck!

Cam Weyhrich, Ascension Technologies (Bommarito 500 2019)

Robert Megennis is on his way to be a top Indy competitor and I love the fact that two of my preferred cyber security companies are on-board with him! This partnership to me is so exciting, as Robert already has a strong reputation for forward thinking and “high risk, high reward” tactics on the race track, something that I think compliments our industry’s focus very well. I am thrilled that Palo Alto Networks and Optiv take the same interest I do in racing and firmly believe they have made a winning decision by sponsoring Robert Megennis in the #27 car.

Dylan Border, Hyland Software (Honda Indy 200 2019)

It was a real pleasure meeting you and getting to learn so much about Robert and racing.  Didn't come into the day with a lot of expectations, but the experience you delivered completely blew me away.

Greg Tacchetti, State Auto Insurance (Honda Indy 200 2019)

This was such a great experience for me. I fully enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you and the group. You provided me a great understanding of the work required to be good driver and technology used to support the driver. The information derived from every aspect to track and interworking of the car was amazing. Thank you!

Tim Mazyck, Sherwin Williams (Honda Indy 200 2019)

Thank you and your team for hosting Winsupply on Friday. With Mid Ohio as a gorgeous backdrop it was very entertaining and educational. The day went quickly and was a load of fun.   It was a nice opportunity to learn more about products in a casual atmosphere and meet great folks like Connor, Ryan, Gib, Laura, and others from Optiv, CyberArk, Palo Alto and SailPoint.    It was also nice to meet with customers like Jim with Westfield and have an opportunity to talk about their security and IT landscapes. Gary's presentation about the team and race telemetry was very interesting.    The effectiveness of the presentation was evident as those who were not race fans seemed to be highly engaged as well. It was also neat to be able to see Mario Andretti in person and having the opportunity to get on the starters stand and wave the flag was very cool too!

Dave Benedict, Winsupply (Honda Indy 200 2019)

Saturday was a fantastic time and I will remember it as one of the best race days ever. You provided a ton of information and it was great to spend the day with the father of a driver, which was an amazing perspective. I know that it was, without a doubt, the best vendor sponsored event I have attended.

Kevin Baker, Westfield (Honda Indy 200 2019)

Thank you for the memorable weekend!  When your toddler sleeps with Matchbox cars next to his head in a bed shaped liked a race car, we knew this would be his version of Disneyworld.  Days later, he’s still treasuring his new RKM toy car and telling everyone about “riding in my race car.” Thanks Gary and everyone who helped put this event together!

Chris McFarland, Abercrombie and Fitch (Honda Indy 200 2019)

It's now 48 hours later since the event but I'm still talking about it with my friends and my family. I have shared all the photos and videos that I could permissibly capture and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. It truly was an awesome time. Your hospitality and generosity to give of your time with such enthusiasm is a class act by itself. The race and the chance to meet Robert and the rest of the team was the icing on the cake.

Tony Rosario, Hyland Software (Honda Indy 200 2019)

I rarely do these events, but I’m sure glad I did this one. The tour, the experience, and the people were all top notch. Thank you for putting in the effort to ensure we had a fun and rewarding time.

Grant Jacoby, Fifth Third Bank (Honda Indy 200 2019)

Thank you for the fantastic time on Saturday!! Both my wife and I genuinely appreciate and enjoyed all that you did to make the day special. It was so much more than just watching (and hearing!!) a race. In addition to all your insight and insider views, the fact that you were Robert’s dad made us feel like we were “part of the family.”

Scott Harroff, Diebold Nixdorf (Honda Indy 200 2019)

Feedback? Not sure how many times I can use “incredible” in a sentence! From the hospitality of everyone there, to the behind the scenes look at what it takes to get a driver on the track, to all of the explanations on the nuances of racing, it was a fantastic time. This gave me a greater appreciation of racing as a whole and how technology fits into the operation.

Terry Garbo, Alliance Data (Honda Indy 200 2019)

You guys really made us all feel like we were part of the team and not just a guest so thank you for that!

Justin Zimmerman, Giant Eagle (Honda Indy 200 2019)

It is great to see Robert continuing to move up while keeping a level head. He  continues to grow as a driver and as a person. Palo Alto Networks would be smart to maintain their sponsorship.

John C Metzler, Designer Brands (Honda Indy 200 2019)

Thank you for the incredible behind the scenes look at Indy last Friday. I had an incredible time! The experience provided by RKM Racing, Sailpoint, and Optiv was truly unique and beyond anything I was expecting. I could not believe I was chosen to wave the green flag to start practice. That was a thrilling experience that I won’t forget. I also enjoyed meeting people from other companies and understanding their challenges and operating models for various security challenges that we all share.

What was unique about the day was the detailed experience provided by Gary and his family. I was able to discuss with Gary the commitment to racing and family dynamics and how the racing life is an experience his family enjoys together. It was truly enlightening. I enjoyed the tours that Gary took us on, meeting the younger drivers from other classes all the way up to Indy. Gary knew the story on everyone there! 

The pit lane experience was incredible as well.  I could not stop smiling!  I did not envision that we would be that close and it was so cool to see how a team comes together. The analysis and data explanation in the driver debrief by Robert was also very informative. Understanding all the prep work and analytics that go into each lap was eye-opening.  Robert is certainly a very bright young man and his commitment to his sport radiates from his energy. I wish Robert, Gary and the team the best of luck in the season.

JP Muscat, Bell Canada (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)

I have been to the Toronto Indy before and watched from an executive box with customers. This was an immersive experience where we felt part of the Andretti Racing Team as they moved through their day.

Having access to an Indy driver (Robert), his technical team and family provide an experience I would not have thought possible, surprising many of the attendees as well – from the pit to the trailer garage to the cars. High quality lunch was provided at the Andretti trailer where we went through a ‘driver work day’ while listening to the sounds of the Porsche Cup Race. Memorable! Michael Andretti (son of Mario) stopped by to say hello = photo opp for customers! When we walked on the tarmac among the cars before the final race, Robert and Gary introduced their guests to a number of techs, drivers and engineers who happily answered questions. Guests were in awe!

Claudia Cress, BMC Software (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


Thanks so much for your hospitality yesterday. Malakai and I had a great time.

Del Miller, CIBC (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


It was a great experience once again. The level of detail on Robert's typical schedule, work ethic and leverage of analytical data was amazing. You do a great job in conveying it in a way that's easy to comprehend and understand as well as appreciate. I've copied the partner contacts we currently working with for their fyi... We'll be continuing discussions on Identity and Access Management programs and potential solution offerings.

Tom Verhoog, Celestica International Inc. (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family. Thank you for all the information that you provided. Good luck with everything.

Mansoor Khan, BGIS (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


Having met you and Robert a few years back, I can see the amazing progression and accomplishments you guys have achieved. Indy next! Good luck on the rest of the championship.

Julian Lavado, Moneris (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


It was a fantastic experience. The activities, pace, and timing for everything were on point. It felt like we had enough things to do without it being crazy, and without missing out on anything going on that day.

Elena Carroll, CIBC (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


Thank you so much for your amazing whole-day guided tour! We know how challenging it must have been to keep everyone in such a big group happy. Your considerate arrangement and schedule gave us an unforgettable IndyCar racing memory! We’re very proud to be one-day members of Robert Megennis’ team.

Qingjiu Jia, Royal Bank of Canada (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


We all had a fantastic day. I have been telling everyone who cares to listen. You guys are a real first class bunch! Everything about your presentation and organization is world class!! Thank you so much for your time and expertise. You made it an unforgettable experience for all of us.

Charles Audu, Plexxus (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


I was very impressed with the whole experience. I was especially impressed that Robert played a role in our day after racing earlier! I wish him all the very best in his career.

Steve Anderssen, RBC (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


We had a fantastic time learning about the sport and watching Rob and the team compete. Your passion for the sport and the family adjustments you have made to support Rob and George with their aspirations are truly inspirational.

Shlomo Bibas, Celestica (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)


I was surprised with the agenda. Every single moment we were doing something interesting. Despite being such a large group, I appreciate that we all got a special attention. Thank you and Palo Alto Networks for allowing this great experience for me to happen!

Oscar Mendez, Blackberry (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)​​


We really appreciate your taking the time to explain some of the behind-the-scenes magic that happens to get a car on the track.  It really makes you appreciate everything that goes on, and what Robert goes through before he even gets to the track.

Mike Meechan, OTPP (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)

All of you took so much time and effort to make it a really memorable experience for us. I was very inspired by Robert’s journey.

Neil George, Fairfax Financial Holdings (Honda Indy Toronto 2019)

Gary was a great host and gave us an up close view of the activity in the paddock area where the cars are worked on and on pit lane. He also walked us through the telemetry that’s gathered and how the drivers and engineers use that to prep the car and prepare for the races. We were able to meet the driver Robert and watch him race.  I even saw one of my childhood racing heroes Mario Andretti when we ate lunch. I hope Optiv continues their sponsorship!

Andrew Pretzl, Sargento Foods (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

A HUGE THANK YOU for such a great race day. Cheers and good luck to Robert!!

Katie Wodarczyk, Milwaukee Tool (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

Derek and I had a fantastic time at Road America. As always, the experience was top-notch and cannot thank you enough for being such a gracious host. It is something we look forward to every summer. It has been fun to watch Robert’s path up through the Indy car ranks and really look forward to see him in the 500!

Rich Hansen, Plexus (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

Fantastic race experience from Andretti hospitality to pit row to watching Robert race. It truly was an up-close experience and more than just a ticket to the race. Robert’s 2nd place finish was a highlight of the day. I especially appreciated your sharing your race knowledge and up close access to the pit crew and drivers. The data analytics and tech was truly an eye-opener as to how much goes into planning a race. The Andretti trailer was a great home base and allowed us to take a break from the action. Thanks to Gary, Robert, Optiv, Andretti Autosport, and everyone who helped make this such a great experience.

Scott Goethel, Optum (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

We had an awesome experience today. As an engineer I appreciate the details you shared today. You did an awesome job and definitely went above and beyond our expectations.

Pat Krah, Schneider National (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)


Thank you for including us in your weekend. You made us feel like part of the team and an extension of your race family while we were there. We truly enjoyed the experience and would recommend the chance to spend time with you and your family and team to everyone.

Andrew Detloff, Oshkosh Corporation (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

Really appreciated your hospitality and tolerance of a guy like me who is a “wannabe.” The event was wonderful and very informational. Next year I will be sure to see you on race day! Thanks to Kendall and Optiv for making this wonderful event a reality!

Damian Drewek, Quad/Graphics (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

Such a great experience to get a tour of the pits, other cars, and different areas of the track. I’ve been to Road America a number of times in the past (including driving it), but never had an experience quite like this before. Hopefully I can make it next year; I’ll talk to Optiv and make sure I stay on their list!

Chad Jones, Milwaukee Tool (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)​​


You and your family and Andretti Autosport were fantastic hosts. I can’t believe you and the team are willing to share your experience as you do and treat us a long time friends. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Jeff Blomquist, Optum (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)


Thanks so much for showing us a great time at the race this past weekend! I’d never been to an IndyCar event before but I have to say that it by far exceeded my expectations - and the VIP treatment we received from you and the team was the icing on the cake! It was very cool to be a part of what you all are doing, sharing the experience both of the race as well as behind the scenes.

Patrick Gray, Humana (REV Group Grand Prix of Road America 2019)

Wow, It was a grand weekend, and you folks certainly know how to entertain your partners!    Being an IT geek, it was  really interesting hearing a high level presentation on the “Big Data” analysis program the team has instituted

Jack Cohen, Enterprise Products (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


Robert and Gary did an amazing job with the tour and review of the sport.  This was a really well done event, and I may have even found a new hobby!

Michael Parks, AIG (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


Robin and I had a great time and it was so informative.  I have a whole different level of respect of the sport, especially being a racer myself. Robert is an outstanding young man and racer and I will be following his career closely in the future.

Cameron Mozzillo, 7-Eleven (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


THANK YOU very much for an excellent experience with Gary and his son Robert. They were excellent and very knowledgeable hosts and were able to answer questions on a wide range of topics from first time ever Indy car attendees to folks like me who have been to a few races. And of course the pit lane walk was a blast. It’s great that you all support this.

Dave Ramzy, RealPage, Inc. (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


You put on a really nice event. As a racing newbie, I learned a ton about the sport. Your son Robert’s story was fascinating, and I look forward to watching his career develop.

John (Richardson, CyberArk), thanks for the invite!  I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone.

Rob Astle, 7-Eleven (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


Thank you for all your hospitality this weekend. While I have been to the races at TMS many times for different events. I certainly have never experienced the extra personalized touch that you and your team provided for the group.

Sonny Mauldin, HD Vest Financial Services (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


The opportunity to attend a brilliantly hosted visit with you and your wonderful son is truly a highlight of my life.  And no, that is not hyperbole because I was immersed into some racing from a very early age of attending Saturday stock car events with my father in Savannah, GA. WOW! I was able to see a $750K “chassis” and a $250K “engine”.  Plus stroll Pit Row on the trackside of the infield.  Plus cruise under the track a few times.  Plus watch the infield players lounging (watching the screen) and wee ones riding bikes.  Now, how cool is that? Many, many thanks for hosting such a great event!

Dennis Pierce, PepsiCo (DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway 2019)


Gary and Robert were terrific hosts.  I'll admit that I'm not the biggest racing fan in the world, but I still found the in-depth look they provided fascinating. 

Derek Brown, Franklin Electric (Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix 2019)


Thank you for an awesome time this weekend. This was my first time to a Grand Prix and it will not be my last. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone and I hope to go to another in the future.

Dylan Ziegler, Novares Group (Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix 2019)


Thank you for inviting Steven and me to the Detroit Grand Prix – it was an awesome experience! The hospitality was outstanding, and Robert and Gary could not have been more accommodating. Besides the racing, tours, and talks, I really enjoyed Robert’s presentation around his career development. Maybe someday I’ll actually get to see the Optiv Indy Lights car in person!

Mike Muha, Workforce Software (Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix 2019)


Thank you for the invite to an amazing event on Belle Isle for the 30th Detroit Grand Prix. RKM Racing & Andretti Autosport took hospitality and good feels to a new level.  Sure...the fanciness, accommodations and exposure to all things Indy racing were amazing. However, the education of the history, technical/mental preparation and sheer complexity of racing was outstanding.There is also a human factor that Gary and Rob display of just being so willing to share knowledge and experience.  The pure warmth and love of what they do is contagious. 

Juliette M. Laham, Gentex (Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix 2019)


Thank you for the Carb Day experience last week. I have grown up around racing, pit passes, and bronze badges, so I wasn’t expecting much out of the day. I was happily surprised. Gary and Helen Megennis were the most gracious hosts, especially considering they are the parents of Robert. How they can be so calm and entertaining while their son is preparing to race at Indy is beyond me. Gary was fantastic to talk to the entire day. He was very educational to the entire group and made himself available to everyone throughout the day. I cannot say enough good things about the entire day and how well put together it was. I can only hope that I can take part in this again next year

Chris Denny, SMC Corporation (Freedom 100 2019)


Thank you again for including me and Paul in the race day experience last weekend. We are grateful to be working with you on our current CyberArk project here at Baptist Health and I am sure Gary and his team are equally grateful for CyberArk’s sponsorship of the RKM Racing team. Please accept our sincere thanks to you both and to Gary, Helen, and Robert for their hospitality and inclusiveness. I’ve been to a lot of events before but none that were as well coordinated in every way as this one.  Well done and hope to have the opportunity to join you all next year!

Michael Erickson, Baptist Health (Freedom 100 2019)


Just want to say thanks again for the invitation to this unique experience within the racing world (which is my favorite). I enjoyed every single part of the tour and race. By the way, I need to contact you in regards to (a new initiative) - I think we’ll resume it soon.

Omar Duran, AES (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)

Thanks to Optiv for hosting such an extraordinary experience yesterday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with driver Robert Megennis! His family - Gary, Helen, and George - treated us to a wonderful behind the scenes experience that we will not soon forget. We really felt like an extension of the family as we participated in the day’s activities and watched with excitement the Indy Lights Race. Optiv landed a unique sponsorship opportunity and I look forward to more events like this one in the future. 

Evan Ferree, Anthem (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)

I wanted to reach out and thank everyone for the fantastic event last Friday. It was my first day off for the year, and you arranged some excellent entertainment. I’ve done a lot at the track before, but it was really interesting to get down in the details with Gary, Helen, and their family. Thank you for inviting me to this outstanding event. Gary and Helen are gracious and patient hosts. I have no idea how Gary was able to focus on us when he son just won his first race at Indy. I am not nearly as focused or competent enough to pull off the professionalism and decorum that they continued after their big win. Hope you continue sponsoring excellent drivers and inviting customers to share in the experience.

Michael Haven, CNO Financial Group (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)

Thank you for the invitation and hospitality on Friday. I’ve been to more events at IMS than I could possibly count, but have never experienced anything like that. Gary and his team were incredible hosts, and it was an all-around excellent day. I’m lucky enough to get several track invites each year…most of which I end up declining, but if you guys do something like this again, I will make the time to get to it. 

Cameron Piercefield, Forum Credit Union 2019 (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)

Thank you again for an amazing weekend. As an avid race fan, this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. This was easily one of the best Optiv events I’ve attended as well. I really enjoyed the presentations and deep dives into the data/technology that enables race teams to compete. I really appreciated the hospitality of the whole Megennis family this weekend as well. I truly felt like I was a part of the team/family.  

Chris Fredrick, Anthem (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)


I would like to thank Optiv, Palo Alto Networks and CyberArk for the great event this past weekend at the Indy Grand Prix supporting Robert Megennis. I have been lucky enough to follow Rob the last few years and again, Rob and his family put on another great behind the scenes, all-access experience over the weekend that was first class. The experience that they give you with the guided tours around the track, introducing you to other drivers, getting to stand on pit lane during live action, seeing all of the data analytics that goes into racing, as well as the detailed explanation of what the Road to Indy is all about and Robert's path on it, is one of the best experiences I have enjoyed. It was extra special this year with Rob and his family letting us join in on the track and the podium for Rob's first Indy Lights Pole and Indy Lights Race win!

Allen Pingatore, Community Health Network (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)


I want to express my many thanks to you, Helen, George, and Robert for hosting the Anthem team on Friday and Saturday. I personally had a great time on Saturday and very much enjoyed the access provided to both the technology and human aspects of auto racing!! I wish Robert and the entire Andretti team the best of luck in upcoming Carb Day and Indy 500 races! Thanks again!

Jade Clifford, Anthem (IndyCar Grand Prix 2019)


Wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for including me in the Long Beach Grand Prix. Was an awesome experience and our host Gary and Robert were incredible. My favorite was being down in the pit area during the time trials where cars were zipping in and out after pit stops. Truly incredible.

Kal Majmundar, Lending Club (Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach 2019)

Thank you again for the amazing experience yesterday and for being so friendly and sharing so much with my son and I. 

Kevin Wilson, Guess (Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach 2019)

This was a fantastic event for everyone. The level of exposure to IndyCar was well beyond any expectations I had coming in and helped fulfill a dream I have had since childhood. We are truly appreciative for the time and hospitality you and Robert extended to us through the day. I would also like to extend a thank you to the Andretti team for allowing us to be their guests. Being a lifelong fan of racing I feel honored to have had the opportunity.

Matthew Sciarrotta, MUFG Union Bank (Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach 2019)

Thank you for hosting us! My daughter and I had a wonderful time. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, and will likely never top the experience. I really hope this partnership continues , because it was a good way for me to connect with and bounce ideas off of your other clients, plus meet our CyberArk rep.

Chuck White, University of Alabama Birmingham (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

I would like to thank Optiv for inviting me to the race experience at Barber Motorsports Park this past Sunday. Meeting the driver, Robert Megennis, for the Optiv sponsored Indy Lights Race Car was nice! He was extremely informative regarding questions we asked about the race and the cars. I don’t believe you could have better representatives than Robert and Gary. It is always nice to get together away from the office and meet with peers in a relaxing setting.  

Charlie Allen, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

Wanted to say thank you for the invitation to spend the day with Gary and Robert Megennis at Barber Motorsports Park. Gary and Robert were excellent hosts and gave us a deep understanding of what goes on behind the scenes with a race team. They delivered the information in an easy to digest format and were so effective that I actually heard my son repeat some of the facts they spoke about while we watched the race yesterday. That is really something when you capture the attention of an 11 year old. Gary and Robert are professional and are fine representatives for the CyberArk brand. It was a pleasure spending the day with everyone and I hope we get the opportunity to meet the CyberArk race team again in the future.

Todd Starling, Southern Company (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

I wanted to thank all of you for the opportunity to attend the racing event this past weekend. It was great to learn the details behind IndyCar racing. Canyon and I really enjoyed it and it was an awesome experience! Also, kudos to Gary & team with planning the event….very organized!

Lynn Wheeler, Nissan (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

Had a great time hanging out with the crew and learning the inner workings of the race teams.

Stuart Vassey, Chick-Fil-A (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

Thank you for an amazing experience yesterday. Your hospitality and unique insights into the Indy scene made this one of the more memorable experiences for this motorsports fan! Robert was also fantastic and very cordial in answer my countless questions about how things work. As a parent as well, you should be extremely proud. It was really great to see my personal passions cross with security vendors. Who knew there was such a thing as an information security racecar?!

David Nolan, Aaron's (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

Just wanted to let Palo Alto know how much my wife and I enjoyed our day with Robert & Gary at the Barber Indy event. We actually now feel we can watch an Indy event with some intelligence. It was amazing to see the technology being used in the cars. Robert and Gary were excellent hosts. The food was also excellent. It was great to see you and thanks again for having us.

Adam Creel, Drummond Company (Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama 2019)

Thanks for the racing event. It was a blast. I enjoyed hanging out with all of the folks there and particularly appreciated the behind the scenes insights and access Gary and family provided. I’ve always wondered how the tuning and race prep worked, and was fascinated by the material and discussions we got from Gary and Robert. Plus, the connection with Robert and having a particular driver to cheer for made the whole experience very cool. The whole event from the moment I showed up to the end of the race was really a terrific experience. Thanks again!

Paul Wiliams, Rackspace (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Thank you again for the fabulous time we had at the track. I can tell you that both you and your wife made the day so special….your tour/comments/care made all three of us feel very connected to your son and his success on the track. We are very appreciative of all of your efforts.

Dave Butler, Dimensional Funds (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Helen and Gary were amazing hosts. This was my first time at COTA and I will remember this time fondly for a very long time. They were very accommodating and patient with us, explained everything that goes into giving all the tools to set up Robert for success. The behind scenes working of all the parts was truly an eye-opener. Many thanks to Palo Alto Networks and your team to make this amazing opportunity available for me and my team.

Vishnu Borra, Rackspace (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

You somehow provided good weather and a very intense race for “our guy” Robert (#27!) as he battled between 2nd and 3rd place. And you provided so much more – from the good eats, to a ton of behind-the-scenes-detail of how drivers get started, the technology and data that is leveraged, driver mindset and training for races, mechanics, RKM Racing, Andretti Autosport, action in the pits, etc. In particular I appreciated your answering my many questions and talking about how a family makes this happen inside an intense industry. Thank you! This was a great opportunity and truly one of those making-life-memories events for me.

Michael Gartner, Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Please convey my thanks and appreciation to Sailpoint for sponsoring the event. The access and insights from the behind-the-scenes experience was truly a unique experience. Gary, you were a phenomenal host! Thank you (and Helen) for hosting us and congratulation to y’all on Robert placing 2nd on Sunday! He is one talented young man and very fortunate to have such a great family support system backing him. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your insights on the business-side and family-side of the venture as I have a genuine curiosity about it and a new-found appreciation of what you and your family do.

Jason Tang, Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)


Thanks again for having us. We might head down to Houston to watch your other son race in the Rotax to see if our son develops an interest. We will continue to keep track of Robert for sure.

John Boyd, AMD (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Alex, thanks for hosting Shawn and I for the Indy Lights races at COTA this past weekend. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting everyone and spending the day with the group. I'm sure I will be the envy of pit lane this weekend at our race with Mario's signature covering the front of my helmet. Thank you all!

Trice Humpert, University of Texas Austin (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Good luck to you all, he seems like he will be a winner!

Brant Robinson, Cornerstone Round Rock (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Rochelle and I have been talking the whole ride home about what fun we've had today. You all are very gracious to allow us to share in your race day. Good luck on the rest of the season!

Sassan Attari, CLEAResult (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

It was a pleasure meeting your family.  It is refreshing to see a family with a shared passion.  I will forward the information to the folks from my department that were at the track. I will also send an official response for the team’s enjoyment of the event.

Mike Allen, Harland Clarke (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Thank you and your family for giving us the opportunity to see and experience everything going on behind the scenes during a busy race weekend. You were gracious hosts who welcomed us into your world as an extension to the team for a short time and we truly appreciated it. We look forward to seeing you and your family again in the future and wish Robert safe and victorious racing.

Randall Courtney, HP (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

The event was a blast. I enjoyed the race, and loved the education. Thanks for doing what you do—you and your family really made the experience something special. It was particularly neat meeting Robert and hearing his story. What a unique experience all of you are having, but particularly him.

Paul Williams, Rackspace (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

I want to thank you, Helen and Robert for a truly special experience at COTA on Friday. It blew my expectations away.

Jeff Stamp, Thermon Manufacturing (IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas 2019)

Really enjoyed getting to spend some time with you and talking about Optiv. The event was incredible between the racing and the hospitality. The Megennis family were incredible hosts in conjunction with the Andretti racing family, I can’t think of anyone that would put your brand in a better light than them. Thanks for making that happen and look forward to catching up with you soon.

Keith Perry, Black Knight, Inc. (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


Thank YOU so very much!  You, Helen and Robert opened up a world to Cindy and I that only a few get to see up close and did so with great warmth and passion.  RKMRacing rocks and the Andretti Motorsports crew was phenomenal!  I've been to a fair amount of corporate sponsored events, but the experience you and your family offered us was beyond anything I've seen.  I must have a hundred pics on my phone from yesterday and all my friends and family are so jealous.  Cindy and I are now racing fans for life and we so hope that Robert and his teammates have a great race season.  We also wish you and Helen all the best in your endeavors.  Thank you, than you, thank you!!!

Andy Rasmussen, Verizon (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


Thank you again for having us in last Friday to witness Robert’s race. It was a pleasure hanging out with you and your team and I learned so much about Indy racing. That event was absolutely incredible in every way and your hospitality was impeccable!

Clement Jean Jacques, Sykes (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


Not being a big race fan it was great to get a behind the scenes look at the operation and what goes into a race.  We’ll keep our eyes out for Rob and wish him the best. Hopefully we can catch up with you guys again in St. Pete next year

Adam Landry, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


Thank you so much for the invite. We had a good day. It was lovely to meet Robert too,  Let’s make sure he becomes an F1 driver in the near future. :-)

Efe Miller, PwC (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. It was an extremely enjoyable event due to your great hospitality!!!

Ennis Alvarez, Rooms to Go (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


We had amazing weather, and with Rob now in Indy Lights, the access to the Andretti team is very special. We were able to see Mario, Michael, and Marco eating lunch beside us. I grew up watching some of them race, and my father in law has been at Indy races since he was a kid.

Gary and Helen did a great job organizing, providing info/instructions, and making us feel part of the Andretti family. We had access to every part of the event. Rob had a great weekend and shows a lot of potential, I can only see him continuing to climb.

Carl Woodruff, Fiserv (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


Thank you very much for hosting us and showing us around. It was a pleasure to meet the racing family :)

Koby Betzalel, Singular Grape (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


Thanks for having us!  We had a great time meeting your family and learning more about how much goes into helping Robert be successful. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you next year at the race. 

Manny Engel, Masonite (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)


I just wanted to drop you both a note about how much of a great time I had spending the day with Robert Megennis and his family last Saturday at the Firestone St Pete Grand Prix. The racing team is a great representation of how IT teams work together in a large environment with many moving parts. I also enjoyed meeting with Optiv team the Wednesday prior, and learning more about how Optiv helps Raymond James in our security and privilege access needs. This experience has definitely made a great impression on what services you already offer to us and what we can leverage in the future from your teams. I hope to see Optiv and Palo Alto Networks continue to sponsor Robert in his fast paced career. He is definitely someone I will now be following as a result and shows a lot of future potential.

Zack Peterson, Raymond James (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2019)

The Grand Prix was a blast and I'm looking forward to next year's! I think it was the best planned, communicated, and executed event I've been to. Big thank you to PAN for putting it on, and to Gary for such an awesome weekend!

Mike Adams, OnPoint Credit Union (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)

The biggest THANK YOU goes out to Gary, Robert, Michael and Rusty. Brandon and I had a blast at the event. We learned a lot about the pat to Indy, the funding required, the tech behind the cars, and the lifestyle. Also, you have such a down to earth method of communicating with all who attended. It was really appreciated.

Dan Heck, Financial Reserve (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)

I had a great time and you guys were perfect hosts.

Rich Kellen, Qorvo (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)

Thank you for the invite to the Portland Indycar race weekend. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes with the cars and drivers. This event is definitely a highlight for me.

Richard Gross, City of Wilsonville (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)

I wanted to personally thank the folks at Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing for such a great experience this past weekend in Portland. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Gary, Helen and Rob Megennis and the Juncos team. They provided a great environment to learn about the technology used to operate a successful race team, very much like how Palo Alto Networks gets the best support team to ensure network security success. It was a joy talking with Rob.  It amazed us how mature he is at the age of 18. It’s tough enough these days to be a young adult, yet we could tell that even at his young age he is driven to success. The team was very gracious in answering questions about the racecars and providing us a wonderful time at the track. I can’t think of a more appropriate group of folks for Palo Alto Networks to partner with than the RKM Racing team.  

Bruce Rupprecht, Beaverton School District (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)


I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for everyone’s hospitality last Friday at the Portland Grand Prix. We really enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ tour and the extra insights from Gary about what really goes into such a racing event. It was also great to meet Robert Megennis and get a up close look at the car he drives. I also wanted to thank Rob & Palo Alto Networks for making this tour possible as well. It was definitely a great time and we are looking forward to next year since we hear the grand prix is coming back to Portland in 2019.

Brad Terry, Stimson Lumber (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)


Nancy and I would like to thank you for inviting us to this event.  We both had a great time.  I wish we could have stayed to see Robert race, but we had prior commitments and could not spend the entire day. We learned so much about racing from Gary and Robert that we did not know.  It was great to see all the technology in use in racing today. We both enjoyed the access that was given us to see the cars and drivers up close. Hopefully they come back in the future and we get to see them again. Thanks so much for sponsoring this event.

Brent Brewer, Tektronix (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)


Thanks so much for providing this opportunity to attend this event. This was our first time at any race, and the experience was above and beyond anything we expected.  The behind the scenes tours, the excitement of the races, and the generosity of our hosts to share the time with us made this a very memorable experience.  We walked away fans of this sport and again want to share a big THANK YOU to Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing for making this possible! 

John Warren, ESCO (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)


Thank you to everyone involved with the track event on Saturday. I’ve been to a lot of customer events over the years, and Saturday’s event definitely takes top billing. The Megennises were wonderful hosts. I learned way more than I thought I would and found it all really interesting. I can’t say enough about how awesome they made Saturday.

Sean McQuilling, Banfield Pet Hospital (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the Megennis family.  They were very gracious and friendly throughout the entire day. Gary did an awesome job informing us of what it takes to be a driver and a family to support a driver. I would have to say Palo Alto  Networks sponsoring Robert was a good choice. Thanks again for inviting me along to this event.  Had a great time.

Jeff Hughson, Qorvo (Grand Prix of Portland 2018)


Thank you for the invite to the races on Saturday. Anne and I had a great time. The races in and of themselves were a lot of fun, but having Gary and Robert as our hosts really made the day.  Both were generous with their time and knowledge of the technology that goes behind racing. 

Scott Keck, Christian Brothers College H.S. (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


Saturday was awesome, Gary is simply put the best host ever! He was friendly and approachable, a genuine friend right off the bat and throughout. He shared so much knowledge on what all goes into each and every race. Actually what goes into each and every turn of every track. Robert did great, placing 2nd in the race and one of the coolest parts was getting to hear the 'behind the scenes" radio talk live during the race. Too cool! Gary showed us the charts and graphs they work off of and the simulator Robert uses. It's truly a full time job for him and the effort they both put in to the sport is mind numbing. It was really hot out but the Juncos Racing tent was welcomed shade. There was plenty of water and soda, etc. available throughout the day--also a delicious dinner that night. I loved every minute of the experience and haven't stopped talking about it since!

Anne Roberts, Christian Brothers College H.S. (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


Just wanted to say thanks again for the invite to the track event. Gary and Robert are excellent hosts, and Alex and I had a great time. Also, we are really liking the t-shirts.

Jon Davenport, Huttig Building Products (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


I want to extend my personal thanks for the opportunity to connect with the racing experience this past weekend.  My husband and I have attended many motorcycle races, but never Indycars, and Gary and his team gave us such a wonderful reception and introduction that we’re now fans! Gary went out of his way to make sure we got a chance to engage with the drivers, and we had a great time even though Friday’s schedule was a bit out of whack due to the rain. Thanks for including us, and we’re looking forward to cheering Robert on for the rest of the season!  I hope Palo Alto Networks continues to support this program, and wish the team the best.

Jane Williams, University of Missouri (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


I wanted to reach out and thank you for the opportunity to attend Gateway this week.  Gary was a wonderful host and kept us entertained all day. My daughter and I especially liked getting to see the racecars up close and getting to interact with the drivers.  Even with the high heat, the event was well thought out and a very enjoyable experience. 

Joe Zitta, Lindenwood University (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting us to the Bommarito IndyCar 500 at Gateway Motorsports Park. We really enjoyed the behind the scenes. It was especially nice to spend time with Gary, Rob and the others on the team. Everyone was very gracious and most helpful. 

Sharon Hennessy, Parkway School District (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


Thanks so much for the invite to the Indy car event. Melissa and I had a blast learning about how the cars works, and getting the full featured tour. Generally I don’t go to many vendor events, but if there’s any single one that you should certainly keep doing, it would be this one. 

Mike Heying, Schnucks (Bommarito Automotive Group 500 2018)


We had a terrific time this weekend. As race fans we all truly enjoyed experiencing the weekend from a race team’s perspective, and as I mentioned on Saturday, it adds a hole new level to the race experience when you have a connection to a driver and their team. The true cap on the weekend though was walking back to our campground after saying goodbye to you and crossing paths with Robert’s race team as they were headed back to the trailers and their excited waves and thumbs up to us as they spotted us and their happiness over Robert’s podium. It made us feel that we weren’t really guests but friends of Robert’s team – and that meant the world to us. Thanks for a very memorable weekend!

Michael Babischkin, Sherwin Williams (Honda Indy 200 2018)


Thank you for such a great time. We really enjoyed seeing and learning about racing. I never would have imagined learning as much as I did by going to see a car race, but I did.

Marcus Emmanus, Key Bank (Honda Indy 200 2018)


Just wanted to say how cool it was to check this out. Talking to Robert and crew was extremely fun, education, and you could really see the dedication and passion of the team. Robert was very impressive this weekend and finishing 3rd and 2nd was awesome, proving how much time and effort is put into preparing for the races! Definitely looking forward to following Robert’s career now and in the future! This is a great collaboration between Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing for sure.

Tom Tully, Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Honda Indy 200 2018)


The race day that you hosted for us on Sunday in Toronto was simply amazing. The intimacy of the day was something I have not experienced before in an event like this. I am truly impressed with your professionalism and down to earth, open and welcoming approach with us at the event. I was not prepared for the level of involvement, knowledge sharing and access behind the scenes which made this an event something I will never forget and feel privileged to have been involved in.

Dion Dubé, Enbridge (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thank you so much for an incredible experience last Sunday. I am very happy and thankful my team was able to participate in the event. You went above and beyond hosting and touring your guests! It was quite something to see all the technology that was driving the event. The paddock and on-track experience was quite something. We loved it.

Magda Hewryk, Moneris (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


I wanted to take a moment to thank Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing for the incredible experience at the Toronto Indy this year. The whole Scalar team had an incredible time and learnt a great deal in addition to the new perspective we gained on racing. Gary (from RKM) and his family are incredible and were unbelievably gracious hosts and went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed. The day was very well organized, from the reception to the delicious food and refreshments, and we were truly received as part of the team. We were extremely impressed with the fact that Gary and his family, having so much pressure on them on such an important weekend, treated us this amazingly all day long. The whole team agreed that one of the highlights for the day was the presentation Gary did on the dedication, discipline, and precision involved for Robert and the team. In addition to the actual racing experience, it was also a great opportunity to spend time with our Palo Alto Networks reps and to get to know them better. Thank you again for the opportunity to join Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing at the Indy!

Theo Van Wyk, Scalar Decisions (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)

Thank you for hosting our clients today. You and your wife went out of your way to make the day a success for our guests. This special VIP treatment was evident from the moment we arrived at the event this morning. Best of luck!

Jeffrey Freedman, Proofpoint (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thank you for the great time my husband and I had today. Gary and his wife were great hosts, showing us around and explaining all the details. Robert won third place and drove great. The food and the tour was fabulous, we had great company and good networking with other like-minded individuals in the industry which made this experience really fun. More than all, Gary and his wife took care of us like family. They even provided wifi for us so my husband could watch the World Cup. Thank you!

Haddie Majnoon, CIBC (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Many thanks for inviting us to the Honda Indy race on Sunday to be part of your special guests. It was an enormous privilege to both of us (my son David and I) to meet Gary and his wonderful family and have the opportunity to see up close the action of the young and talented driver Robert Megennis. Robert is such a great gentleman, his personality and charisma show so much passion and inspiration for racing that make him a true competitor! I was impressed with the presentation from Gary showing how data analytics and technology play a role in Robert’s speed. Many thanks again to Palo Alto Networks, Gary and RKM Racing for including us in such a memorable event.

Zorayma Mendoza, Moneris Solutions (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thanks for hosting Optiv at the Honda Indy. The Megennises were wonderful and it was great learning more about the behind the scenes work that takes place.

Renata Sardo, Optiv (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)

My son and I have thoroughly enjoyed the two times we have been able to spend the weekend with Gary, Helen and Robert Megennis. The Megennis family do such a fantastic job with these events, making them very enjoyable and informative for the guests. Robert is a very respectful, talented, driven young man who always shows appreciation to his fans/supporters. We were especially thrilled that Robert had a Pro Mazda podium finish yesterday (3rd)! I’m very impressed by the commitment and passion the Megennis family have for the sport and the great appreciation they always show for their sponsors. Again, thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this event.

Jay Martin, ITT (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thank you for inviting our team to watch the Indy racing yesterday. It was a great experience and we had an amazing time!

Deanne Li To Lun, Moneris Solutions (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thanks for a great day. It was great meeting you, Robert and the team. I didn’t get to watch the races over the weekend, but just checked and I see that Robert managed to keep his 3rd place in race 2 so congratulations to him! Good luck for the rest of the season. I’ll definitely be following the progress.

Adam Shipp, Arrow Electronics (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thank you for a great day at the track and congrats to Robert and the team on the podium finish! I’m following Robert on social and I look forward to watching his progression through the ranks! I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing you back in TO next year. It was a great experience.

Jason LaCroix, Optiv (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thank you for being an incredible host on Saturday, and to Palo Alto Networks for the family invite. Our kids could not stop talking about race cars, meeting and getting an autograph of a real race car driver. I also wanted to thank your wife who went way beyond to get my daughter the opportunity to meet the only female race car driver competing that day.  Everyone had a great time, and I was very impressed with the technology, analytics and discipline required to compete in the sport. Thanks again, and best of luck going forward to the team. We will definitely be following Robert’s progress.

Mike Jones, TD Bank (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Yesterday was a great day. Joshua and I both enjoyed the day immensely. Thank you for your hospitality and congratulations to Robert on yesterday’s race! Happy to host you in our offices next year.

Paul Loosemore, CIBC (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Amazing event and amazing management. I always look forward to this event.

Mohamad Alaboudi, GFL Environmental Inc. (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thanks again for today—I had an awesome time! It was an amazing experience meeting Rob and getting to cheer him on. Looking forward to tomorrow as well.

Chad Breslin, CIBC (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)


Thank you to you and your family. Great time yesterday. Congrats to Robert on his finish today. Wish we could have seen it!!

Genevieve Schimpfle, M&T Bank (Honda Indy Toronto 2018)

Thank you so much for inviting us this weekend. This has to be one of the nicest events related to work I’ve ever attended.  Gary was awesome and made us all feel extremely welcome and basically treated us like royalty. It was also nice to be able to talk with others running Palo Alto Networks such as Plexus as they seem to love your products and expressed that the support they get from Palo Alto Networks is fantastic.  I wish I could find the words to express how awesome this was but basically this is an experience I’ll always remember.

Mike Cropsey, Navitus Health Solutions (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


Just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful time my guest and I had at Road America today with the Juncos racing team and Gary Megennis and his son. They were extremely friendly and welcoming to us and had endless patience to answer all sorts of questions and explain anything we asked. We were shown all aspects of the racing operation and areas of Road America. Far beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much for this opportunity. If it ever comes along again, please consider me. It was definitely a highlight of many things I’ve had the opportunity to do.

George Kasica, Connecture (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


I’d like to thank Palo Alto Networks for inviting me to meet Gary and Robert at Road America this weekend. Those two are amazing. I had a great time and was really impressed with the effort and patience they put into showing us around and getting us intimate with the cars and racing in general. I’ll be following them on social media just to keep up with how they are doing. It was quite a pleasure meeting them and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again.

Derrick Funk, Godfrey & Kahn (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


Thank you so much for the invite to the Road America event. Carter and I had a really good time. Despite his first request to go home before lunch, I got him to stick with it and he loved the afternoon so much. He got to see his first live race, his first in-person car crash, got to meet the driver (and got an autographed picture) and sit in the car. On the way home he asked if we could get the picture framed, which for him is a ringing endorsement.  He went to sleep wearing the red earmuffs I got him (against my advice), and wanted us to wear the racing t-shirts yesterday. If you open the attached picture and zoom in on his face, that expression pretty much sums up our experience. Anyway, the guys with RKM Racing and Juncos really took care of us and gave us a pretty great day!

Joseph Mundschau, Foley & Lardner (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


I wanted to let you know that spending the day up at Road America with Gary and the Palo Alto Networks racing team was a real pleasure. It was great to meet other IT professionals in a unique setting learning about how technology plays a instrumental role in the racing industry. It was a fun action packed day with a lot of knowledge I could bring back to my team at Brookdale. Again I appreciated Gary’s time and knowledge he shared and look forward to watching Robert’s success on the track.

Jeremy Burditt, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


I just wanted to send over a thank you for last Friday's Road America experience. Hanging with Gary and learning about Robert and everything else that goes into racing was extremely awesome. I'm now a huge fan! It's also good to know Palo Alto Networks is out in the communities supporting others especially Robert and his dreams of making it big in racing. It's really nice to see.

Isaias Robles, Foot Locker (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


My wife and I had an amazing time at Road America hanging out with Gary and Robert Megennis, getting a first-hand look at all of the effort, data and engineering that goes into a weekend of racing. The lengths that Robert and the Juncos team go through year round to compete is mind blowing. Gary and Robert were amazing hosts and delivered an ear to ear grin that stuck all day long as we took in the sights, sounds and the smell of the fuel and rubber throughout the event. A big thank you to you all and Palo Alto Networks for sponsoring Robert and extending the offer for us to attend the event. While we didn’t get to see Robert race, I look forward to the next time he takes to the track at Road America – we’ll be sure to attend on the day he’ll be racing. Robert has a level of dedication that was impressive and refreshing to see in a young man his age. I hope Palo Alto Networks continues to support Robert and his team, it’s going to be exciting watching him continue to grow – perhaps Palo Alto Networks has a future Verizon IndyCar Series driver! I included a couple pics of one of the highlights of our day at Road America.  Gary took us over to Mario Andretti for a photo and gave my wife’s belly, who’s pregnant with our son Matheu, a good luck rub (yep, we’re strange!). Matheu was very active kicking away that day, must have been working the pedals as he pretends to race along with everyone!

Thank you again! 

Mike Steinhilber, First Weber, Inc. (Kohler Grand Prix at Road America 2018)


Living in Indy, we are spoiled with opportunities to participate in racing activities. Unfortunately, that means I often pass when offered to participate. I must say I am glad I didn't. Spending time with the RKM Racing team was a unique and educational experience. I know I can speak for all of my team that participated in saying we've never experienced something quite like it. Being IT geeks, we particularly enjoyed the review of race car data and its application. Gary, you were a most gracious host and we appreciate the in-depth look you gave us into the racing world. Best of luck the rest of the season! 

Brandon Beale, KAR Auction Services (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2018)


I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for this past weekend.  My friends and I had a great time meeting Robert and the team, being able to go on pit lane, and enjoyed all of the racing action.  I enjoyed the garage tour on Tuesday as well. Being able to see and hear about a lot of the behind the scenes processes and engineering that goes from preparing to post race was really interesting. Good luck to Robert and the rest of the race team this season, and thank you again for a great experience.

Allen Pingatore, Community Health Network (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2018)


Gary took the time to make us feel very welcome and it was exciting and interesting to learn all that goes into making Rob and his racing team successful. I am very appreciative of Gary’s hospitality and wish him, Rob and the team awesome success!

Scott Cable, KAR Auction Services (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2018)


Thank you so much. I had a wonderful time. I have been a race fan in the past but had gotten away from it. I will definitely follow Robert as he progresses and now I have someone to cheer for!

Ken Howser, KAR Auction Services (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2018)

Thank you very much for letting me attend the Indy Race at Barber and spend time with the racing team. Gary, Robert, and the entire racing team were great all day long. It was really exciting to get up close and personal with the equipment and see the race preparations. I really felt that I got to experience everything the race had to offer thanks to Gary’s expert knowledge and willingness to show me around. Look forward to doing it again next year.

Josh Smith, Southern Company (HIGPA 2018)


I would like to thank you for the hospitality and generosity you, Robert and the race team showed me and my family. I would also like to thank Ben and Palo Alto Networks. My family and I had a fabulous time and we are not only fans of Robert Megennis now, we are fans of RKM Racing and Juncos Racing. The individual time you spent with me and especially Jax and Ben was over-whelming. I commend you for being so gracious. You did all this while your son was on the track racing or in the garage working. Palo Alto Networks should be proud their name is on Robert’s race car. You all are a class act.

Chris Pendergrass, Protective Life (HIGPA 2018)

Nice to see you guys at the track yesterday. William and I had a great time and learned a lot about the business of racing. We have attended races in the past but never with that kind of access. We were really impressed.

I really wanted to pass on thanks to the Veristor and Palo Alto Networks team for allowing us the opportunity and providing the hospitality. Gary and Robert were fantastic hosts in spite of it being race day when they were already incredibly busy competing. Their enthusiasm about racing is contagious. They both are great ambassadors for the brand. It was a great experience for us and we will definitely be following the team going forward. 

Andrew Ellis, Command Alkon (HIGPA 2018)


Thank you for having us out there. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to connect but Xander wanted to walk around and look at the cars and then we went home early right when the rain hit. Hopefully next year’s weather will be better!

Really enjoyed it and thanks to both of you for the opportunity. Xander is still carrying around the car Wes gave him.

Jonathan Hay, Cadence Bank (HIGPA 2018)


My wife and I had a blast at the Indy Car race at Barber Motorsports Park with Palo Alto Networks. Gary was an excellent host and we got to spend a lot of time with Rob, and around the cars too. Gary gave us a backstage view of the weekend and introduced us to a lot of teams.

My wife is even more excited now to see me race my own car and continue to go to events like these. I can’t extend enough gratitude for hosting us and how awesome Gary and Rob are.

Carl Woodruff, Fiserv (HIGPA 2018)


Thanks for a great time this weekend at Barber. I had the opportunity to bring one of our enterprise architects, Clif, and he hasn’t stopped talking about it and wants to know if he can come again next year.

Robert Gwaltney, ProAssurance (HIGPA 2018)


Caitlyn and I had a great time on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you, your son, and your team. I also thank you for the social media links because I would love to follow Robert’s season. 

I’ll be sure to follow-up with Palo Alto Networks. I’m also planning to attend their annual conference and will be packing my #9 Tshirt to wear during that event. 

Chuck White, University of Alabama (HIGPA 2018)


Thanks so much for having us at the race this weekend. It was really fun. My son couldn’t stop talking about the cars after we got home.

I was very impressed with Robert. He is obviously a talented driver and also a very well-spoken young man with a good head on his shoulders. I hope Palo Alto Networks will invite us to come watch him race in the 500 in a few years.

James Buchanan, Drummond Company (HIGPA 2018)


I did have a really good time and I appreciate the hospitality. Thank you!

Lafayette Cope, Nielsen (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2018)


I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for the opportunity to attend the St. Petersburg Grand Prix this past weekend.

My wife and I had a great time and the RKM Racing team showed us incredible hospitality. Getting to see the full extent of the preparations that go on behind the scenes was quite eye-opening. My favorite part was being able to chat with the driver and support staff about any questions that came to my mind. This was a fantastic experience that my wife and I will never forget.

Robert Morelli, Boar’s Head (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2018)


I would like to say a big THANK YOU for having me and Kipras and the whole Boar’s Head team as part of your team this Saturday. I have been to quite a few races in my life and this Saturday was the best of them all. Your hospitality was awesome and seeing the whole operation from such a close distance takes it to a whole different level. What a day. I will see you next time and good luck.

Vil Vitas, Boar’s Head (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2018)


We had a fantastic time with your team. Great experience for my kids. We wish Rob, you, Helen and your younger son the best in this passion filled endeavor. I will keep track of Rob thru your site and hopefully we can be invited again at next year’s race.

Leo Rivera, Boar’s Head (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2018)


Thank you again for the hospitality. It was an amazing experience for all of us. Especially for the family. Rob certainly has new fans. We are anxious for Sunday! Definitely see you guys next year, if not before that. We will be tracking you guys!

Neal Terracciano, Softchoice (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2018)

My son and I had a great time and Gary and family were fantastic hosts and we really enjoyed getting such an up close look into the world of racing. We’re very impressed with Robert and his professionalism, even at age 17. I know they truly appreciate Palo Alto Network’s support. If we are so lucky, we look forward to doing this again next year!

Jay Martin, ITT (Grand Prix at the Glen 2017)

Thank you so much for including us in this event. My family and I greatly appreciate the time spent teaching us about the racing process, touring the track, and watching the races.  And man, these cars are fast!! Team Pelfrey and Palo Alto Networks were great hosts!!

Good luck to Robert as his career progresses!!

Paul Lenhard, ePlus Technology (Grand Prix at the Glen 2017)


My family and I had such a great time at the event. Much thanks to you and your wife Helen for treating us like VIPs, telling us your stories about your family and how Rob got into such an exciting sport. An unexpected surprise of allowing my daughter and I to jump into the cockpit of the car was surreal. Though a novice to the whole sport, I am definitely a fan now and over the weekend, kept talking about the experience with my wife. I will be definitely tracking Rob’s progress. Wishing the best to your family and team’s success. Thanks for allow us to be a part of the excitement this past weekend. 

Simone--Just want to express my gratitude again for the invitation to the Indycar event this past weekend. Gary and the team did a SUPERB JOB hosting and treated us like real VIPs. From the emails leading to, during the day of the event and the follow up after, there was not a moment that we felt left out or lost in the experience. I definitely see Gary and Rob’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport. They have a great team there! Thanks again for securing us the tickets and allow my family and I attend a really cool event! Go Team Pelfrey and the RKM Racing team!

Edward Lee, Realty Operations (Grand Prix at the Glen 2017)


Thanks for the hospitality Gary, had a great time at the race Sunday.

Tim Flammger, MTB (Grand Prix at the Glen 2017)

Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with me! I really enjoyed getting the experience and hope to return next year.

Christopher Williams, Alliance Data Retail Services (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


Thank you so much for your hospitality at Mid-Ohio. Tami and I really enjoyed spending the day with you and your team. Rob is a wonderful young man. You should be very proud of him. I’m confident given the right opportunities he will be very successful in the racing world. I’m sure George can introduce him to the right people! 

Our daughter and her husband were very grateful for the pit passes you gave them for Sunday. They couldn’t believe all that went on in the pits and the garages. It was their first Indy experience and they loved it.

If you get back in the Columbus area again please contact me and we will show you around our city.

Dan Jones, Consolidated Electric Cooperative (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


My girlfriend and I attended the Mid-Ohio race weekend with Team Pelfrey and the #80 Palo Alto Networks car. Our host, Gary Megennis, was fantastic and really facilitated a unique, behind the scenes experience that most race fans would never get to see.

As both a Palo Alto Networks customer and an avid fan of racing, getting to experience this partnership between two of my passions is a truly awesome thing and I think Palo Alto Networks has definitely picked a winner in choosing to support Robert Megennis. I would love to see this sponsorship continue and hopefully have the opportunity to attend more events with their team and the Palo Alto Networks car in the future.

Dylan Border, Fisher Titus Medical Center (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


We had a great time! Gary was a magnificent host, taking time to escort the group all over the place. Friday was the perfect day to go, as it was not very busy and access was nearly unrestricted. It was great seeing all the behind-the-scenes. The Team Pelfrey racing team was a wonder of cogs and gears that operated magnificently. I really enjoyed the data and telematics overview. It was amazing to see the level of precision that the data provides.

Thanks again to everyone who made this happen. Both Ollie and I had a great time. And a special thank you goes out to Gary Megennis for taking so much time to hang out with us and provide a top-notch experience.

Brent O’Keeffe, Alliance Data (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


We had an awesome time! Gary, Rob and Team Pelfrey were very cool people and very hospitable. They showed us the behind the scenes in the trailer analyzing driver/track data which was cool to see. I don’t think I’ve seen my dad smile that much when he got to sit in the car. Thanks again for sending out the invites. If Palo Alto Networks does this again next year I’d definitely like to go again.

Daniel Cooley, Tri Health (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


Just wanted to say a big thanks to Palo Alto Networks for the opportunity to go to the Indy Car races at Mid-Ohio yesterday! Gary was a great host and really showed us all the aspects of race day work and play. We clearly had all-access – we talked with Rob & the other drivers, had a race debrief with one of the driver coaches, hung out behind pit row for the practice, and walked the grid before the final race. I’ve already been bragging to my team and some of them are super jealous. They even let us hop in the well branded Palo Alto Networks car for photos!

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know what a great time we had at the event!

Anne Murphy, Vantiv (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


Thank you for being such a super awesome host! We learned so much about the sport, Luke can’t stop saying how much fun he had. It was nice to meet Rob, and see all of the hard work that goes into a race! This was a really awesome experience.

Marsha Minnick, Alliance Data (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


Yesterday was delightful; we thank you and Palo Alto Networks for providing the unique experience! It was fantastic! We hope to cross paths again one day. In the meantime we wish you and your team, son included, great success and happy trails.

Joshua Hammonds, PolyOne Corporation (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


Awesome weekend. Thanks for your time. I look forward to watching you the remainder of this season and next year. 

John Metzler, DSW (Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio 2017)


Thank you very much for the hospitality and very nice event. We had a very good time.

Julian Lavado, Moneris (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thanks to you and the family for a great weekend! I really appreciated the hospitality and making the weekend a sensational experience for us and the customers. Also, as I stated before, Robert is a terrific young man with an incredible head on his shoulders!!!

Michael Bailey, VMware (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Just wanted to send a note of thanks about Gary. He was excellent and did an outstanding job making the day a great success. I've been to many vendor events and this one was impeccably organized and timed to perfection. Gary welcomed us and checked in on us many times and was helpful throughout the day. Gary really made a difference.

Maarten Verhaar, CIBC (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thanks Gary. Was great to meet you and Robert yesterday. My son and nephews had an awesome time spending the day at the track with you guys.

Otto Chan, RBC (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Awesome event! Thanks for everything and for making the event memorable and fun for all who attended. Rob has a new fan!

Chris Medina, Proofpoint (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thank you Gary - it was great and congratulations to you and your team. Much thanks. Great meeting you all.

Joe Belinsky, Moneris (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


You guys did a tremendous job and on behalf of VMWare, we thank you. I told Rob that I followed him on Instagram track side yesterday and look forward to seeing his continued success. Good luck with the rest of the season, I will be rooting for you.

Thomas Preston, VMware (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thanks to both you & family for your hospitality on Sunday. Everyone was very gracious & welcoming throughout the day. Since attending for the first time last year, both myself & son are newly becoming Indy fans. My son follows Rob online, so we’ll both be in touch with how he does in Ohio & subsequent races.

Paul Loosemore, CIBC (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


We definitely had a great time on the weekend and it was nice to spend some time with you guys all. Special thanks for the awesome organizing by the RKM Racing team, it was fantastic.

Mohamad Alaboudi, GFL Environmental (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thanks for all the great hospitality in Toronto this weekend. I really appreciate how you, Helen, Rob, George and the rest of the RKM Racing team took the time to include us in the activities and provide such a full race day experience. I took many photographs throughout the day and have already shared them with many friends. We’re connected on Twitter & Instagram and I will follow your future successes. You have a great team and must be a super proud father. Go Rob!

Jeff Collins, Blackberry (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Great event, we really enjoyed being so close to the drivers and cars. And thanks for supporting Rob and his racing team; I very much appreciated the hospitality throughout the day!

Arsen Shirokov, CIBC (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thanks again for taking Andy and I to the Indy last weekend. It was great to get up close and personal with the team and pits and cars. Gary was also very hospitable and informative, so we really had a blast and hope to do it again sometime!

Matthew Gridgeman, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


I had a blast at the event and have heard from customers how much they enjoyed it as well.

Ali Pirani, Cisco (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


Thank you very much for the amazing hospitality! I’m looking forward to next year. Thanks for the work-arounds and making sure we all made it in. Appreciate it!

Marino Wijay, VMware (Grand Prix of Toronto 2017)


I just wanted to let you guys know my family and I had a great time at the track on Saturday. Gary, Robert and the team made the time an amazing experience - they definitely went above and beyond to make sure we got the most out of it. Gary was the perfect host – he and Robert taught us a lot about what goes into making a successful racing team. It’s clear that’s what Palo Alto Networks has with Robert. 

Sam Kolars, Casey’s General Stores (Iowa Corn 300 2017)


I wanted to say a quick “Thank you!” for the opportunity to attend the Iowa Corn Indy 300 yesterday! It was an incredible time and something my kids and friend (Brent) will remember for a long time. We enjoyed the complete experience and cheering on Robert. We’ll for sure be following his career! He looks to have a bright future. Gary is an amazing host and really helped add to the day!

Scott Steenhoek, EMC Insurance Companies (Iowa Corn 300 2017)


Please send up our thanks to the Palo Marketing team for allowing us to attend the Verizon INDYCAR Series and being able to spend time with RKM Racing and Team Pelfrey. Gary, Rob and all of RKM Racing team were extremely accommodating and very gracious hosts despite having racing business to attend to. My coworker and I attended on separate days and both can report having a wonderful time. My coworker has no racing background and found the experience a lot of fun and even has him interested in following the series more. As a racing fan, I found RKM Racing able to provide an experience that caters to all levels of interest in knowledge. Please do continue to sponsor the outstanding young man Rob Megennis and his great team as he works his way up to Indy Car.

Adam Britton, Alliant Credit Union (Kohler Grand Prix 2017)


Thank you again for taking the time to spend it with Derek and me. I don’t think Derek realized how much access we were afforded - I think he was actually awed by the experience. If our schedule allows, we will try to drive down again on Sunday. If not, hopefully our paths will cross again (maybe next year?). Derek and I wish you and Robert continued success!

Rich Hansen, Plexus (Kohler Grand Prix 2017)


I wanted to send you a quick thank you for the invite to the Kohler Grand Prix of Road America. We received a true VIP experience and got to meet a lot of folks involved with RKM Racing. What a wonderful partnership.

Ed Herr, Alliant Credit Union (Kohler Grand Prix 2017)


I had an amazing time at the track on Friday. I was disappointed to hear Rob wasn’t able to make it to the front during Saturday’s race. Thank you for your kindness in hosting our entire team while we were there.

Garrett Baggs, KAR Auction Services (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2017)


I had a great time at the track on Friday. Thanks for setting that up!  

TJ Carnegie, Optiv (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2017)


I wanted to extend a thanks to you and the extended Palo Alto Networks folks for sponsoring a fun day at the track with the Megennis family! I’ve been going to the track for many years and have been able to find my way into a number of garage and pit areas, but haven’t had an experience that comes close to the couple of days spent interacting with Robert and his parents. They went out of their way to make sure I enjoyed myself and saw a perspective of race day that I’ve never experienced before. Rather than just tolerating the access that our passes afforded (which I’ve experienced in other garages), they had a plan for what the group would do and really went above and beyond to allow us to experience race day from their perspective!

I can’t speak for all visitors, but by the time of the races, I was pulling for a #80 win , and I had my eye on the yellow cars in the Mazda and Indy Lights races also! Even though there were a few cars in front of Robert at the end of the race, it was still a great couple of days and the Megennis family represented Palo Alto Networks very well.

Mike Nelson, Presidio (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2017)


Thanks again for everything out at the track. You are great hosts. I was told by one of my customers that they have attended a ton of these corporate events and this was by far the best access that they have ever had. Their family had a ton of fun. 

Ted Remble, Optiv (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2017)


Thank you for hosting us over the weekend. It was such a wonderful experience for my family and myself. Hopefully we will see you and your family next year again.

Vince Liao, KAR Auction Services (Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2017)


We all had a great time and it was fantastic to give my dad that experience. My dad is a very talented driver but never had enough money to get past being an SCCA national champion. To be able to give him access to those cars and people really put a smile on his face. My dad and I are both following Robert and wish him luck as he continues his road to Indy.

Carl Woodruff, Fiserv (HIGPA 2017)


Thank you – Enjoyed it!

Rollis Reisner, McWane (HIGPA 2017)


Just wanted to let you know you that Gary and the Palo Alto Networks race team did a great job of hosting all of us this past weekend. It was a great experience. I didn’t realize until we were there, but they were the only team that hosted a group like that…I was really impressed by the effort these guys put in. Hopefully we can make it back next year. If you know any of the guys at Palo that work with Gary and the race team, put in a good word for them. They did a really good job representing.

Chad Holton, ABC Board, State of Alabama (HIGPA 2017)


I just wanted to send you guys a quick note and tell you thank you for the fantastic time at Barber on Sunday. Loved the behind-the-scenes and the peak into the data analytics of the team cars. All three of us were overwhelmed with the hospitality. We will be keeping up with Rob and the team. Hopefully we will be able to reconnect next year.

Gary--if you are ever in Birmingham and need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks again and good luck with the rest of the year!

Jonathan Hay, Cadence Bank (HIGPA 2017)


Thanks Gary, was my pleasure coming out there.

Omri Abu, ICE (HIGPA 2017)


Thank YOU, Gary, and everyone on your team for allowing us to spend the day with you and showing us the technology side of racing. I, myself, was not a prior race fan, but was fascinated at the amount of tech and science that you put into your craft that allows your team to operate with higher efficiency in an effort to win. It was a really fun day for me and I appreciate your team and Palo Alto Networks allowing me to come out.

Adam Spratt, Southern Company (HIGPA 2017)


Thank you for your awesome hospitality! Enjoyed it and I learned a lot.

Bob Keator, Benson (HIGPA 2017)


I wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic time at the St. Pete Grand Prix. You and your family are awesome and we really had a blast. My wife and I will be keeping tabs from Brooksville as Robert gained a couple new fans.

Bernie Enlow, St Petersburg College (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2017)


Wanted to thank you, your family and the Palo Alto Networks folks for a great day on Saturday. Really enjoyed meeting everyone!

Mike Dennin, Syniverse (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2017)


On behalf of Bloomin’ Brands I wanted to thank Palo Alto Networks and Pelfrey Racing for allowing Donagh and I and our families the opportunity to enjoy the St. Pete GP. We greatly appreciate the value and partnership that Palo Alto Networks brings to the table and your support of Robert Megennis making it an even greater value and 360 experience. Ted, I look forward to connecting in the near future to cover a few opportunities that David and I discussed at RSA. Thanks again everyone for a fantastic day of racing.

Chris Bitner, Bloomin Brands (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2017)


It was a great day at the track on Saturday. Enjoyed the hospitality, the people and the pictures! Thanks again to Gary, Helen and the crew.
Virginia Lee, Nielsen (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2017)


On behalf of Raymond James, a most sincere "thanks" to your family and Palo Alto Networks for a wonderful time on Sunday. Our group was truly amazed by the data presentation and all the nuances about racing. Our very best to Rob in his career aspirations - such an amazing young man. 

Amie Seymour, Raymond James (Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2017)

I had a BLAST at the event! Gary and Robert offer an amazing experience and every one of my customers and prospects literally gushed over how much fun they had. I also sincerely enjoyed myself and was able to make meaningful, lasting connections with many of the invitees that I otherwise didn’t have contacts with. You both were extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and very well coordinated for an event like this where it would be very easy to get lost or “miss out” on some things otherwise. Thank you so much.

Matt Foster, Account Executive, CyberArk


(Palo Alto Networks’) marketing magic is incredibly helpful to our sales initiatives. Yesterday, we had the Honda Indy in Toronto and the turnout from key accounts was incredible. Gary, Helen, and Rob Megennis were incredibly welcoming, organized and educational. Our clients are raving about it. We had representation from five major accounts, including one where we are finalizing a $2M Phase 2 deal. My peers all feel the same way about this partnership with RKM Racing. RKM Racing rocks!

Brian Cook, Major Accounts Manager, Palo Alto Networks


This was a big help in getting me more access to Tom (Dir, Cyber Security). They’re a prospect for us and one of the biggest accounts in our market. Tom agreed to an upcoming meeting. We all had a fabulous time. Best event I’ve been to with a customer. Better than typical dinners, baseball games, etc.

Greg Gilley, Major Account Manager, Palo Alto Networks


The experience was very well planned and the inside knowledge your team provided to our group really made it memorable. I think our customers really had a unique experience and appreciated the VIP treatment. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that hasn’t done it before.

Shawn DeSilva, Account Executive, CyberArk


We had a great time. Feedback I had was positive from customers and partners for sure. It really was a fun, interesting, and unique view into Indycar. I thought all the behind the scenes stuff we went through was really interesting and fun. The tech, the training, getting to meet the driver, your son…and that was really another different perspective on the event. Seeing it from a “family perspective” was very unique. Many of us are parents that take our kids to soccer, hockey, whatever the sport and to sit in the stands and cheer on a family member that happens to be racing at over 130 mph…well, that was just very cool. Overall, I thought it was a great day. Thanks again to you and your family for the excellent hospitality!

Bob Pelletier, Manager, Systems Engineer, Named Accounts, Palo Alto Networks


The day I spent at the track was fantastic. The environment provided by RKM racing was warm, hospitable, educational, and most of all FUN! Both clients I had at the event were glowing at the end of the day and were so happy they had taken the time to come out with us. Additionally, the event provided a great opportunity to connect with the customers on more personal level which is always an added bonus.

Sam Robin, Sales Executive, SailPoint


I can’t speak highly enough of the great job Helen and Gary are doing.  The response and feedback from customers and prospects was phenomenal.  Susana from Wellcare stated, “I felt that you rolled out the red carpet for everyone.” Overall awesome experience, from beginning to end.  Being able to get so close to the vehicles, not just Robert’s, and having Gary speak of the drive and determination needed by Robert to excel at this level goes above and beyond what the attendees were expecting.  Oh and btw, getting a group picture with Mario Andretti, was pretty cool too.

Luis De La Espriella, Account Executive, CyberArk


You did a great job of hosting everyone. Really appreciate it. It was truly one of the most unique and incredible customer events I have been a part of. The behind the scenes view into the races was incredible. Thank you for everything!

Andy Phelan, Director of Sales, SailPoint


Thanks for having me, it was an absolutely blast and I was able to do some valuable networking while watching the races.

Chris Conrad, Solutions Architect, Optiv


Gary, thank you so much for the hospitality and the time you spent with our crew. It was a great day and really interesting to learn more about your sport. The event was everything I was hoping for and more. Best of luck to your team this year.

Gregg Lowery, Client Manager, Optiv


Congratulations on a successful 2018! It was a pleasure meeting you both this year. Thank you for all of your efforts in helping us drive deeper and more meaningful relationships with our customers. I learned a lot about racing and have a newfound respect for the sport and all of the teamwork that drives your achievements. I look forward to your continued impact in 2019!

Dennis Walczak, Regional Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks


Thanks for having us yesterday! My dad and I had a blast meeting you, Robert and the rest of the RKM Racing team. I appreciate Robert taking the time to give us a tour of the event and appreciate you introducing us to the racers.  This was a great opportunity to network and learn more about an amazing sport!

Jose Garcia, Sales Executive, SailPoint


This was a fantastic event. Can’t thank you guys enough for having us out! Every one of my clients was nothing short of blown away by your hospitality and for getting a chance to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic host. Robert was just awesome as well. It was a blast to get a chance to hang out with him. Everyone spoke so highly of him for taking the time out to interact with everyone! Wish you guys all the best!

Jason Roberts, Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks


Thank you for putting together a fantastic event. I’ve had the chance to attend several F1 corporate events in the past at COTA and none of them were as well managed as the program that you guys have developed.  The feedback from the team at Harland Clarke was very positive. You guys are wonderful hosts.

Mike Spess, Client Manager, Optiv


Gary & Rob are such class acts, I hope we continue this partnership long into the future. I am only sorry I could not make it myself this year.

Todd McNeal, Strategic Client Partner (email to customer), Palo Alto Networks


Thanks again, you folks did a great job.  Having a guided tour of the entire experience was great! Thank you again to you & your family!

Scott Aviles, Sr. Client Manager, Optiv


We had a wonderful time.  You and your entire family made everyone feel welcome and were very accommodating.

Rick Dinkins, Named Account Manager, Palo Alto Networks


I had the pleasure of meeting Gary and his team on Friday of last week and echo your comments! Thank you very much for attending the event! We will certainly reach out when it comes back around next year! Please let me know if there is anything you need from me as we close in on the PO for your new Palo Alto equipment!

Riley Ruegsegger, Territory Sales Manager (email to customer), Palo Alto Networks


Very happy you were able to attend the event this past weekend! Glad you were able to chat with some other Palo Alto customers as well! Hopefully it gives you some confidence and we get closer to a potential opportunity with Navitus! I will make sure you get you back out to the event when it comes around next year! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything you need!

Riley Ruegsegger (email to potential customer), Palo Alto Networks


Thank you Gary for the awesome experience yesterday! The time you spent to host and educate our customers was pretty sweet. I see Rob had a good day! Keep it rolling this year.

DaRand Land, Systems Engineer, Major Accounts, Palo Alto Networks


Again what an amazing job you have done with this event. Dion and Tyler rated this a bucket list type of event for them!! I’ll be going right back to René with this one as one of THE things we need to keep on doing.  Have an amazing rest of the year…and of course see you again next!

Brent Martinson, Major Account Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks


It was an absolute pleasure on Friday. All who attended loved it! Thanks for being so welcoming and generous with your time. And CONGRATS to Robert on his podium yesterday – sooooo exciting.

Jennifer Judge, Channel Business Manager, Palo Alto Networks


So glad you enjoyed the event. The Megennis family did a great job with the event and we are lucky to have them as part of our team. We will definitely keep you posted about future events.

Matt Oliver, Named Account Manager (email to customer), Palo Alto Networks


Thank you SO much for making this such a fun and memorable experience for our Palo Alto Networks customers and prospects. And congrats to Robert, your family, and the entire team on an incredible 2nd place finish!!!

Elizabeth Echele, Named Account Manager, SLED, Palo Alto Networks


Thanks for being a fantastic host!! It was a great event!!

Cory Grant, Regional Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks


You did a great job and I look forward to seeing you guys again next year!!!! I will absolutely follow Robert. He seemed liked a great kid. Best of luck to you guys!

Rusty Williams, Systems Engineer, Major Accounts, Palo Alto Networks


Thanks again for the weekend. Your efforts to host this activity were greatly appreciated. I’ve received numerous emails from the customers that attended, expressing their gratitude and amazement of the events that transpired. Best to you and yours. Hope you’ll be back in Portland next year!

Michael Laport, Americas Marketing, Palo Alto Networks



Thank you so much for the amazing experience last Friday at the track. Everyone that I spoke with enjoyed the day, your hospitality, and seeing the inner workings of a race team up close. We hold several events at the track and you just raised the bar for us and our customers.

TJ Carnegie, Regional Director, Optiv


Thanks you so much for hosting such a wonderful event and taking the time to educate the group on racing.  I had a wonderful time, and look forward to future events.  I can’t wait to see Robert and George racing at IMS for years to come.

Jennifer Rabourn, Sales Executive, SailPoint


Thanks for the incredible experience – it surpassed all expectations I had for sure!

Michael Mann, Client Manager, Optiv


Gary and Helen were fantastic hosts and provided a unique experience that I will remember for a long, long time.

Greg Coy, Account Executive, CyberArk


Thank you for an incredible month. The go karting event allowed our clients to make a personal connection with Rob, Helen and George, so when race day came upon, it drew them into a more personal situation creating a next level of uniqueness to the experience. You guys were on point all the way through. The highlight of my May was the thrill that RKM provided. 

Ty Albers,  Account Executive, Palo Alto Networks


This is one of the best events I have been to in all my years of sales. The engagement and behind the scenes access the race team offers is top notch. I have never watched any sort of race before and this was an amazing opportunity to learn about the sport, as well as provide prospects and customers a VIP experience.

Amy Ramsey, Account Executive, CyberArk


Thank you so very much for being such a gracious host over the course of the weekend.  

It’s always a pleasure to see you and the family contribute to yet another exceptional customer experience - amazing job.


The actual races are truly a spectacle that must be experienced in person - I would highly recommended this event to anyone considering.


This was my 3rd Toronto Indy with Palo Alto Networks.  From a customer perspective, it is quite clear that this event gets better and better each year.  I know that my technology partners in CyberArk, SailPoint and our reseller partner Optiv would strongly agree.


Trevor A. Christie, Major Account Manager, Palo Alto Networks


The engagement we get from you, Helen and Rob is fantastic. Thank you so much. We are already looking forward to next year. 

Colin McGandy, District Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks


Thanks for a very memorable weekend with our customers. I have received nothing but very positive feedback! The full day experience is definitely a very unique picture into IndyCar racing by providing an inner view of race day with exposure to preparation, engineering, car dynamics and data all day long – we’re definitely living “a day in the life” of the driver!  It was also amazing to see how much was driven by technology, and how much is driven by the drive - unreal. This was truly a Class A Event, and honestly I couldn’t recommend anything as I felt you and Helen had absolutely everything covered off and were extremely organized.

Chris Ruetz, Country Manager, CyberArk Canada


A BIG thank you for a truly special and memorable day at the track! Taking part in this VIP “behind the scenes” tour really made our customers and partners feel part of the family!

Thanks for going above and beyond making sure all guests get to experience the races.

Shimrit Frenkel, Director Americas Field Marketing, Cyberark


I could say the day was outstanding but that would be an understatement. Not only is Robert Megennis one of the best and hardest working drivers in the field, his father was a phenomenal host (and I’m sure the whole family works very hard on these events). Everyone I talked to said the experience exceeded their expectations as well. I knew the highlights of the day which sounded like a lot of fun, but I had no idea that Gary was going to accompany us all day. For almost 9 hours Gary was 100% engaged, answering questions, and showing us all around the track and pits. I got to spend quality time with prospects and customers in ways I’ve never been able to at other events. In almost 9 hours together I felt like we all bonded over the experience unlike other events I’ve been to. I hope CyberArk continues to sponsor the team.

Eric Kretler, Senior Solutions Engineer, CyberArk


The experience at Mid-Ohio can only be described as “top notch!” Robert, Gary and their team treated EVERYONE as a VIP. It was eye-opening to see what goes on behind the scenes of a racing team! Our customers at the event had a great time and want to do it again next year! I highly recommend this event…your customers will not be disappointed.

Craig Campbell, Client Solutions Architect, Optiv


Thank you again for the unbelievable day on Friday up at the Mid-Ohio Race. It was an awesome experience and truly well done from start to finish. My customer had an absolute blast. I know he especially enjoyed the opportunity to wave the green flag at the start of the race. Another small detail that made a significant impact!

Connor Inglis, Client Manager, Optiv


The event was fantastic and I don’t think it could have been a more exciting race day. Great hospitality, close races, and then the surprise Stanley Cup (via the St Louis Blues). It was a pleasure to be with you and Robert this weekend. You’ve raised an awesome young man. Hope we get to do it again next year!

Brandon Barber, Account Executive, SailPoint


Thanks again for allowing us the ability to open this up to our clients. It’s an experience like no other and you are an amazing host.

Kevin Domkoski, Senior Client Manager, Optiv


Your family were amazing hosts. My customers had an absolute blast, and I’m certain I’ll get some great opportunities out of the event.

RJ Belles, Sales Executive, SailPoint


Thanks for hosting us!  It was the best field marketing event of the year, and everybody I talked to really enjoyed it!

Nick McCrorey, District Manager, CyberArk


I think you and Helen (along with all the other team members running around) make this a unique and memorable event for those who are both well versed in racing as well as for those who might be their first time attending a race. Thank you!

Chris Anthony, Sales Development Representative, SailPoint